Decoustics -Quadrillo® Perforated Acoustical Wood Panels with Fiberglass Core


High performance acoustics that push the boundaries of designing with wood aesthetics.

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Quadrillo® Perforated Acoustical Wood Panels with Fiberglass Core

High performance acoustics that push the boundaries of designing with wood aesthetics.

Abundant customization capabilities and exceptional sound absorption properties of Quadrillo deliver utmost flexibility when designing with the aesthetic of wood. Quadrillo panels are constructed with a high-performance no-added urea formaldehyde core sandwiched within an engineered composite wood frame. Acoustical absorption is achieved through unique perforations combined with the acoustical core. The percentage of open area is approximately 4%; the v-grooves create a four-sided funnel that allows sound to arrive at a variety of angles, focusing the transfer of energy over a broader surface area of absorption. Quadrillo can be completely customized to suit specific project requirements, it is a fully-engineered product and is available in a large range of natural wood veneers, stains or paint finishes.

  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 1.00

  • Ultimate Design Flexibility while Maintaining Monolithic Appearance

  • Fire Rated Class A on Finished Composite Product

  • No-added urea formaldehyde core and recycled contents

  • Available in FSC® C020536 certified wood

Product Features
  • NRC Values of up to 1.00

  • Fire Rated Class A Composite

  • Curving, perforations, staining

  • Full Access, Seismic Certified

  • Up to 67% RC, FSC®

  • NAUF Core, Air Quality


Select one of our most popular veneers below or specify your own. Decoustics has the capability to source a variety of different veneers, or custom stain wood to achieve your design intent.

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