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Ripplefold drapes in your healthcare environment will not only provide beautifully sleek and soft-rolling drapery, but there are many more benefits.

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Ripplefold Drapes

Ripplefold drapes in your healthcare environment will not only provide beautifully sleek and soft-rolling drapery, but there are many more benefits. The way that the Ripplefold drapes are suspended eliminates the possibility of tipping or sagging, allowing the drapes to remain perfectly positioned and spaced at all times. Installing these Ripplefold drapes will present you with extremely low maintenance costs and easy-to-change procedures due to snapping panels that are handled less often.

Ripplefold specifications

  • All of the fabrics found in out textile gallery are inherently flame retardant and will meet NFPA 701 fire rating requirements.
  • We can treat all the fabrics with antimicrobial treatment from AEGIS upon your request.
  • Selvage edges are removed before manufacturing as necessary
  • Multiple widths are joined using overlocked served seams with safety stitched
  • Typical fullness is 100 % unless specified. Fullness is determined by the carriers. The closer the carriers are spaced the fuller the drapery will be
  • o 60%
  • o 80%
  • o 100% ( most common)
  • o 120%
  • All hems are blind stitched with thread that is both flame retardant and complement color.
  • The standard hem allowance is double turn at the top and double turn at the bottom, approximately 12” in total.
  • Side hems are 1 ¼ “ wide with double tuned folds
  • Bottom hems will have 0.25 oz corner lead weight.
  • Drapery is sewn in hemmed flat
  • Hardware is visible as drapery is suspended under the track, leaving a slight light gap between track and drapery panels.
  • Drapery can be manufactured lined or unlined, however lining is recommended for all drapery, keep in mind blackout lining is dry clean only, and it cannot be laundered.
  • Snaps attach the drapery to carriers.
  • Snaps are composed nickel plated brass to resist corrosion and rust.
  • Snap tape is sewn into the top hem of the panel.


  • Baton and ADA Baton ( 36”, 48”, 60” lengths ) baton can be exposed or hidden behind drapery.
  • Cord Draw - Can Be specified with tension pulley to hold down cord for safety issues.
  • Hand Draw: perfect for psychiatric applications.
  • Motorized drapery available.
  • Track is white with powder coated White finish ( standard finish )

General Information:

All work performed to meet the following requirements and standard business practice.

  • Fabric patterns matched
  • Multiple-width drapery is overlocked stitched with half widths placed on the return side of the drapery.
  • Drapery linings are joined by overlocking and finished with a 2.5” hem. Linings are to be placed 0.75 above the bottom of the drapery.
  • Drapery fabricated to specified sized within .5” in lengths and 1.0” widths.
  • Opening Configurations Center open, off center open, left draw, , or right draw.

All fabrics specified must meet NPFA 701 fire rating requirements


Which drapery header style do you prefer:
Pinch ( French) pleat for a traditional look, or Ripplefold a modern & easy to care for look.


Would you like exposed Tracks? hidden ? Decorative Hardware or even motorized ?


Would you like Hand drawn, or operated by cord, baton or motorization?


Will your drapery open One way, Center Split or be a fixed panel ?


From wall to wall and ceiling to floor
Apron height to meet infection control demands ?
Or up to the window sill ?

Cornices and valances:

Will a soft valance or a cornice board complete the look ?

See More


Single or Double Rod Option
Center Pleat Options:

Butt Master

Butt together the center pleats for a consistent flow in the ripplefolds. This is the most favorable option for one-way draws.


The centre pleats are connected in an overlap providing extreme privacy.

Drapery Window Length Options
Fullness Options: