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In many facilities the length of a curtain track can vary from room to room. Our Classic Cubicle Curtains are perfect for locations where you want your curtain to be custom sized to match your track.

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Classic Cubicle Curtains

In many facilities the length of a curtain track can vary from room to room. Our Classic Cubicle Curtains are perfect for locations where you want your curtain to be custom sized to match your track. How does this work? We take the length of your track and add 10% for fullness, this way you can be sure that your curtain will provide you with privacy!

Our Classic Curtains will be manufactured differently depending on the fabric that you select and the way that the pattern is woven on that fabric. If it is a railroaded fabric then your cubicle curtain will have a seamless fabrication, meaning there won’t be any seams running vertically on it.

“Classic Curtain Manufactured with Railroaded Fabric”

If it is a non-railroaded or “Up the Roll” pattern your privacy curtain will be manufactured from various panels which are sewn together. We make sure that our patterns are matched, so even though your curtain will have a seam running vertically the pattern will be uninterrupted.

“Classic Curtain Manufactured with “Up the Roll” Non-Railroaded Fabric”

**Please see our FAQ’s for more information regarding the terms “Railroaded and “Non-Railroaded””.**

As with all of our privacy curtains, you will have the option between White or Buff Mesh. Our standard length is 20”, but please let us know if your project requires a different size!

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Privacy Curtain Specifications

Below are some of the fabrication details on all of our classic curtains:

  • Double-fold, built in Mesh Header
  • Rust-proof Grommets spaced every 6”
  • 1” Double-stitched bottom and side hems
  • Seamless construction for railroaded (“off the roll”) fabrics/patterns
  • French folds for non-railroaded curtains (“up the roll” patterns)
Privacy Curtain Specifications

No matter which Cubicle Curtain style or system you decide to go with, we also offer additional details that can be added to make your cubicle curtains unique and specially tailored to your facility. Here are some of those options:

Anti-Microbial Treatments

Cube Care Company is pleased to offer the latest in anti-microbial treatments with our program, “Constant Care”. We use Aegis anti-microbial technology to protect our cubicle curtains against mold, fungi, algae, and most harmful bacteria. This, in turn protects you and your patients, helping to reduce exposure to hospital-acquired infections. Unlike some other treatments, our treatment uses no toxic chemicals, is non-leaching, non-depleting, won’t create “Superbugs”, and is EPA registered.

With our Constant Care program, not only can we treat your brand new cubicle curtains, but we can also treat curtains that you currently have hanging in your facility. Just send them to us, and we will send back your clean and Anti-Microbial treated curtains.

In addition to cubicle curtains our service can be extended to new draperies, cart covers, and even window treatments! Give us a call today to discuss pricing and details.

Framed Style Cubicle Curtains

This option is applied to the mesh of a curtain to give it a nice “framed” look as well as added reinforcement. Fabric matching the body of the curtain is taken and is placed in a 1 ½” border around the top and sizes of the mesh.

“Framed Cubicle Curtain”

Standard Mesh on Cubicle Curtains (Unframed)

“Unframed Cubicle Curtain”



Tie Backs

Tie backs can be used to hold a hospital curtain back when not in use. We have two options available: Curtain tie back or Fabric tie back.

  • Curtain tie back: Extruded PVC (Plastic) or Nickel-Plated
  • Fabric tie back available in the same or complimentary fabric as the curtain. Includes 3/4″ white velcro on each end.

Tie Backs

PVC/PlasticTie Back

Nickel-Plated Tie Back