Crown Industrial - Flat Track Stop w/ Heavy Bumper

Flat Track Stop w/ Heavy Bumper

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Flat Track Stop w/ Heavy Bumper

For manually operated sliding door(s) weighing up to 400 lbs. each.
Maximum door thickness of 3-1/4" Thick.
The #43 hanger rolls smoothly and quietly on a flat steel bar track (1/4" x 2") which is offset from the wall by a #43WS wall spacer.


  • Custom Installation Drawings: Each custom cut to length and factory drilled track system includes engineered job specific installation drawings.
  • Custom Flat Track Hangers: Flat track hangers are assembled per the customer's door thickness. The hanger wheel is configured to be in-line with the approximate center of gravity of the door allowing the door to run smoothly and true.
  • Custom Track Length and Mounting Hole Locations: Track mounting hole locations are custom placed equally along the length of the track at approximately 16" centers or per the customers specifications.
  • Custom length wall spacers: Each wall spacer is cut to the length required by your application. Our recommended minimum clearance between the face of the door and your wall or trim around this opening is 3/8".
  • Customized Finishes available upon request: Our flat track systems are not limited to the finishes we offer.
  • Customized Flat Track Hanger Designs: Alternative hanger designs and lengths are available upon request. Work with our engineering staff to come up with the design that is right for you. Reference Part #43HL Custom Long Flat Track Hanger or #43HTMA for hangers that mount to the top of a door.
  • Versatile track system: This system is not limited to straight sliding sliding applications. We offer curved tracks for various radii. Reference part #43H2SW-B for a curved track hanger.

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