Cline Aluminum Doors, Inc. - Series 500SE - Stile and Rail Doors

Series 500SE - Stile and Rail Doors

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Cline Aluminum Doors, Inc.
112 32nd Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205
Tel: (800) 648-6736
Fax: (941) 746-5153

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Series 500SE - Stile and Rail Doors

Generator Rooms | Electrical Rooms | Computer Equipment

Cline's 500SE Series Door is designed with ventilation in mind. This stile and rail door is derived from a 5-inch door stile design. Within these tubes you can add a louver, flush panels, recessed panels, or glass. The 500 Series design is a favorite for generator rooms, electrical rooms, and computer equipment facilities. These tubes are 1/8-inch thick, providing reinforcement for commercial hardware. Held together with 3/8-inch tie rods, the 500SE Series is strong enough to handle your security needs, while also providing flexible airflow configurations. The 500BE Series Door can be manufactured more than six feet wide and 16 feet tall with optional monorail cutout for an I-beam hoist. This is the most versatile product manufactured at Cline Doors.

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