CityScapes International, Inc. -Covrit® Dumpster Enclosures

  • Designs that fit all dumpsters

  • Elegant style components to coordinate with building elements

  • Modular assembly allows for easy installation (and repair, if needed)

  • Powder-coated extruded aluminum frame

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Covrit® Dumpster Enclosures

Whether it's retail, municipal, commercial, or multi-family residential, your building needs a dumpster. Traditionally, you might have used CMU with some type of gate, "because that's what we've always done" (the most expensive words in business). Time for a change.

Covrit® Features

  • Designs that fit all dumpsters

  • Elegant style components to coordinate with building elements

  • Modular assembly allows for easy installation (and repair, if needed)

  • Powder-coated extruded aluminum frame

  • Durable infill materials for maintenance-free use

  • Cost savings over traditional trash enclosure construction

Compare Dumpster Enclosures

The purpose of a Dumpster Enclosure is to hide or contain trash from sight. Care should be taken to ensure you have adequate room on all sides of the dumpster as well as enough height to conceal the top of container. Use the table below as a guide to selecting the best size enclosure.

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Compare Dumpster Enclosures
2 Yard BoxSingle110711'7'7'
2 Yard SlantSingle110711'7'7'
3 Yard BoxSingle110711'7'7'
3 Yard SlantSingle110711'7'7'
4 Yard BoxSingle110711'7'7'
4 Yard SlantSingle110711'7'7'
6 Yard BoxSingle111111'11'7'
6 Yard SlantSingle111111'11'7'
8 Yard BoxSingle1111W16'11'8'
8 Yard SlantSingle1111W16'11'8'
10 Yard BoxSingle111111'11'8'
*Walk-in style enclosures allow access to the side opening on the dumpster without the need to open the main gates. Commonly utilized in mixed used, retail, apartment and condo applications.
Our customers have great taste. Our most specified enclosures continue to be PlankWall, in both vertical and horizontal, with either Mission or Madison gates. As far as size, single and double enclosures are most common. Whether they're modern or rustic, sleek or trendy, your designs are unique and timeless. PlankWall is too.
Horizontal PlankWall + Mission GateVertial PlankWall + Madison Gate
PlankWall - Exploded View
Gates only? A unique solution?
Do you have an existing structure or does building code require brick? ToughGate Gates and Doors have you covered without worrying about custom build.
Your project design might be missing some privacy or a way to hide something besides a dumpster. Get creative with Covrit Screens and Walls.
Dumpster Enclosure Wall Styles - PLANKWALL
Look closely. Touch it. Tap on it. Those might be odd recommendations for a dumpster enclosure, but this PlankWall material feels and looks like woodgrain without the up-keep of real wood. That means resistance to stains, mold, and mildew. No maintenance. PlankWall is engineered to last and enhances any building design.
VerticalHorizontalBoard & Batten
DiagonalWide Horizontal
PlankWall Series Color Options
English WalnutCoastline
Weathered Teak
Dumpster Enclosure Wall Styles - METAL SERIES
The "industrial look" is in style and metal series dumpster enclosures only amplify it. From a manufacturing facility to a new build with a metal faÇade, this panel option is sleek and modern, just like your design. We've also introduced Slat Wall, a stylish addition to the metal series family.
7.2 Structural RibTextured FlatSlat Wall
CorrugatedPerforated 7.2RibTrue Louver
2.67 CorrugatedWave6 inch Corrugated
Dumpster Enclosure Wall Styles - ACRYLICAP ABS
It's both versatile and durable. The Acrylicap ABS panels are colored throughout and shaped using vacuum forming in a variety of styles. Customers may also choose to print graphics to the material.
ClapboardClapboard with BrickHorizontal Louver
7.2 RibGraphic Option
Acrylicap ABS Color Options
Slate GrayDark

The beauty of natural hard woods and cultured stone for a traditional, sophisticated look. We source the best grades of hardwoods for your unique project. We have engineered a simple way to add the look of cultured stone to your enclosure or screen wall. Select from multiple colors and styles to compliment your site.

CedarIpeVersetta Stone Tight Cut
Versetta Stone LedgestoneBrick

Our modular system allows an architect or designer to mix a variety of wall styles that creates a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, look. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allow us to turn your ideas into reality. So think big, we are ready.

NatureScreen PlankWallVarying Size Slat WallNatureScreen
Ipe Wood & Versetta StoneVentilated PlankWall