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Envisor ® screens are a perfect solution for even the most complicated rooftop screening requirements. These products conceal RTUs without penetrating the roof’s surface, making them the best option for both new construction and retrofit projects. Envisor ® can accommodate restrictive spaces,...

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Envisor® Rooftop Equipment Screen

Envisor® Rooftop Equipment Screen

Envisor® screens are a perfect solution for even the most complicated rooftop screening requirements. These products conceal RTUs without penetrating the roof’s surface, making them the best option for both new construction and retrofit projects. Envisor® can accommodate restrictive spaces, tall equipment and uniquely-shaped units. Each item is shipped as a knockdown assembly, with all hardware included for installation.

The perfect alternative to parapet walls, Envisor systems satisfy even the strictest screening code requirements. All styles feature our patented attachment method, which secures screens directly to the equipment eliminating the need for rooftop penetration to install . Variable screen heights are available to conceal virtually anything you desire.

CityScapes works with city governments, retailers, school systems, corporations, and residential complexes to provide a simple, elegant solution that accommodates budgets and provides lasting solutions.


Envisor® elegantly screens all types of rooftop equipment including:

  • Packaged systems
  • Air handlers
  • Split systems
  • Chillers
  • Condensing units
  • Refrigeration units


  • Pre-engineered screening system
  • Attachment directly to the RTU means no rooftop penetration to install
  • Cost effective alternative to parapet walls
  • High-impact, thermoformed AcryliCap® ABS panels are constructed with a co-extruded UV protective layer on both sides
  • Professional grade extruded aluminum frame ensures a long-lasting performance
  • Lightweight construction allows for easy installation
  • By-pass panel system makes servicing RTUs simple
  • Various panel designs complement a broad range of architectural styles
  • Multiple sizes and modular design accommodate most screening needs, including multiple units
  • Customizable style, color and construction options

Screening Systems

CityScapes patented equipment screening systems are available in many unique and aesthetically pleasing styles, including vertical, canted, or custom designs. Screens can be manufactured in a limitless combination of shapes and configurations to fit your design and your budget. Panels are held firmly in place using a rust-resistant, double tracked aluminum rail system which enables screens to slide side-to-side for easy access to the unit during servicing and maintenance.

Vertical Systems are both versatile and economical. Most service doors and accessories fall within the enclosure and do not require the addition of clearance extensions. Three-sided, two-sided and single-sided systems are available as a cost effective alternative, where code permits.

The Canted System is an excellent choice for conforming to design and aesthetics, that also satisfies strict screening code requirements. Screen heights are available to screen virtually anything you desire.

Custom roof screens can also be designed to suit a specific project appearance. Unique building designs may require unique panel solutions. CityScapes can work to create your customized ideas.

Panel Designs

Panels are constructed of thermoformed high impact AcryliCap® ABS with a co-extruded UV protective layer on both sides, and are available in 5 standard styles. Don't see a panel that fits your project? Our manufacturing process allows for limitless customization possibilities enabling you to control the project without sacrificing essential elements of the building design. Contact a CityScapes project manager to discuss custom design options

Design Options

Optional top trim is one more way to make the screens part of the overall design. Available in various heights, top trim can be used to close gaps without the need for a stacked system, helping you to get the most out of your screening system.

Color That Complement

Our palette of warm color tones complement many architectural applications, but don't let our selection of colors limit your creativity. We have the ability to match to any cross-referenced color specification. Send us samples and we will create a match for you.

For Additional Information

Product details are available upon request. Contact CityScapes by phone or visit our website for more information.

CityScapes, Inc.
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