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The Ultimate In Performance In A Field-Assembled System

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Field-Assembled ACM / MCM - Envelope 2000® Reveal (RV)

The Ultimate In Performance In A Field-Assembled System

Panel Thickness

A durable, .105" thermoset phenolic resin core provides an ultra-smooth substrate.

System Depth

The system measures 7/16" from the face of the substrate to the face of the moldings.

Panel Weight

This panel has a nominal weight of approximately 1.25 lbs per square foot.

Barrier Wall

This system is designed to be completely sealed to keep all moisture away from the structure.

Fire Resistant

The standard phenolic core is fire resistant and meets (or exceeds) code requirements.

Code Tested

Designed for performance, tested by ASTM 283, 330 and 331 as well as ICC and NFPA 285.

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PanelBatten MoldingsReveal Moldings
  • .024" Smooth Aluminum
  • .105" Thermoset Phenolic Resin
  • .010" Primed Aluminum
Standard Sizes
  • 48" x 96" (121.9cm x 243.8cm)
  • 48" x 120" (121.9cm x 304.8cm)
  • 48" x 144" (121.9cm x 365.8cm)
  • 60" x 96" (152.4cm x 243.8cm)
  • 60" x 120" (152.4cm x 304.8cm)
  • 60" x 144" (152.4cm x 365.8cm)
System Moldings
  • CR-AX1 Horz/Vert (Reveal)
  • CR-AX2 Perim J (Reveal)
  • CR-AX3 Perimeter J
  • CR-AX4 Inside Corner
  • CR-AX5 Outside Corner
  • CR-AX6 Horz/Vert (Reveal)
  • CR-AX7 Horz/Vert
  • CR-AX8 OS Corner (Adjustable)
  • CR-AX9 IS Corner (Adjustable)