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The DuraSorter™ Provides An Efficient Way To Handle Recycling Debris The DuraSorter™ is an ideal way to manage recycling

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DuraSorter™ Recycling Sorters

The DuraSorter™ Provides An Efficient Way To Handle Recycling Debris

The DuraSorter™ is an ideal way to manage recycling. When combined with our internal trash chutes in multi-story buildings, the DuraSorter™ recycling sorter provides an easy method for sorting recyclables out of the waste stream. You can prevent many of the recyclable materials from entering the environment and reducing the negative impact that comes with contentious property manager. The system can be used in either new construction projects or installed as a retrofit to an existing trash chute system.

Extremely Easy Operation Makes Recycling Simple

The recycling sorter is located under the trash chute. Using a control panel located at each trash chute door, the user selects the appropriate waste stream. Based on this selection, the sorter system automatically positions one or more deflector plates which directs the waste to the appropriate container.

Standard Features
  • Systems with 1 or 2 Recycling Positions Available
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Used Throughout
  • Standard Electric Components
  • Readily-Available 96-Gallon Toters Used to Hold Recyclables
  • Interfaces w/Chute Door Lockout System
  • Quick System Response Time When Changing Waste Streams
  • Easy-to-Use Control Station Located at Each Trash Door
  • Full-Function Control Station Located at Sorter
  • Recycling Container “Full” Indicator
  • ¼” Thick Steel Body; ½” Thick Steel Diverter Plate
  • Electrical System 110V, Single Phase Linear Actuator & Control Circuit
  • Modular Design
  • On/Off Key Switch
  • Manual System Controls
  • Access Doors
  • Sort Body DuraPak™ 130-HD
  • Bi-Sorter Option
  • Two Bin Bi-Sorter Option
  • Odor Control System
  • RetroFit of Existing Chute System
  • Environmentally-Friendly Hydraulic Oil Option

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