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Drafty Windows? Lack of Energy Efficiency? Update and insulate your windows to modern standards with this reliable long-term solution.

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SLIP™ (Slim Line Insulating Pane)


Slim Line Insulating Pane (SLIP™), By Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, Inc

Drafty Windows? Lack of Energy Efficiency? Update and insulate your windows to modern standards with this reliable long-term solution.

Introducing the Slim Line Insulating Pane - SLIP™

Modernize your single pane windows and make your home more comfortable with the SLIP™ (Slim Line Insulating Pane). Over 20 years of experience restoring wood windows have made this product come to life. This update is an innovative and cost-effective way to retain your original and valuable wood Windows while making them more efficient, saving you money, and enhancing the comfort of your living space.

SLIPs are designed to update single-pane wood windows to modern standards of efficiency and operation. We have made it possible to add a TEMPERED pane directly to each sash overlaying your current glass setup. This essentially turns your single pane window into a simulated double-paned window. The frame of the SLIP™ is an attractive, low-profile, pressed metal extrusion. This simple solution can rejuvenate Single hung, double hung, casements, picture windows, and more. This modernization is a long-term solution that does not seasonally need to be reinstalled.

A SLIP™ will dramatically boost insulation power in your windows and will bring significant savings to your month-to-month energy bills. In terms of insulation power, SLIPs have been tested and are comparable with insulated glass units. However, unlike genuine insulated glass, SLIPs will not fog up and succumb to seal failure and require periodic glass replacement, meaning lower future maintenance costs.

SLIPs are highly effective, well designed, and well-priced, giving you superior value compared to alternatives. SLIPs have a sleek look and feel with a low profile that blends into the sash; you’ll hardly know they are there. Another critical aspect is that SLIPs will ensure your window sash remains fully operable, without the need to open two sets of windows or remove any components as you sometimes get with storm windows or inserts.

When installing SLIPs on double hung windows, the weight of the balances needed for window operation may be adjusted. This can be done simply by adding weights into the weight pockets when operating with ropes and pulleys. Hidden balances can also be fitted to the window if a more modern window operation method is sought after.

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Sound reduction

  • Less expensive than a window replacement!

  • Maintains original window glass

  • Windows can stay historically accurate and functional

  • Solid, well-designed construction and material

  • Interior or exterior install

  • Options of Clear, Obscure, or Low-e

  • Tested and proven product

  • Extremely low future maintenance cost


The Energy Studies performed energy testing in Buildings Lab at the University of Oregon. Using results from the study, it was concluded that adding SLIP™ to the windows in an average household will result in a cost reduction of 72.9% for the windows.

-Single pane windows…454 THERMS and 474kWh

-Single pane window with added SLIP™…123 THERMS and 129kWh

-Single pane window with SLIP™ and weatherstripping…93 THERMS and 97kWh

A therm is a unit of measurement of energy (more specifically, thermal energy). The therm is used to measure gas consumption as well as consumer cost.

How to get SLIPs on your windows

The creator and manufacturer of the product, Chosen Wood Window, has been installing SLIPs on commercial and residential buildings in the Northwest for over a decade.

For people further out who are looking to modernize their windows, we highly recommend our SLIP™ Kit. We assemble, sell, and ship custom-made DIY SLIP™ Kits. These kits contain all the custom-sized materials that are needed for a successful install. Contractors and handy homeowners are highly encouraged to purchase these kits! We have a full-length installation instruction video as well as a tutorial video on how to measure for your custom-sized SLIPs.

“Based on the energy modeling that we did for the building, including live mock-ups, the study showed that the SLIPS were very close to the energy performance of the IGU option, and given the lower cost, the decision was made to go with the SLIP system. We are now three years into occupancy and have had no issues with the windows. The SLIPS are very unobtrusive, and we were able to save hundreds of historic windows and still met our stringent standards of energy performance that exceeds Oregon State Code.”

George Bleekman, Owner’s Representative, Capital Design & Facilities Management

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