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M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom

5 gallon
SKU # 753

Availability: In stock

Plaster/Stucco Mortar

These single-component, cementitious plasters are engineered for use on new or existing brick or stone substrates. Jahn M60 can be altered to adhere to block or concrete. Jahn M60 may be applied as a ground coat or finished system in thickness ranging from 1/4 to 1 1/2. The Jahn System eliminates the need for the traditional three-part application process (brown, scratch, finish). M60 is available in both interior and exterior formulations with factory custom coloring available. The plaster exhibits a superior chemical bond to prepared substrates, without the addition of latex or acrylic bonding agents or additives, and performs in situations where previous methods and materials have failed due to repeated water and salt saturation. M60 is water based, thus environmentally and user safe with no solvent clean up or disposal problems.

Product Highlights
  • Single-Component: Mixes with water only, improving quality control and consistency of application.

  • Compatible Formulations: Compatibility of physical properties ensures that the plaster and substrate react to the environment in the same way.

  • Contains No Latex or Acrylic Bonding Agents: It protects the substrate by allowing salts, water vapor, and liquid water to reach the surface, preventing failure due to salt expansion or freeze/thaw cycles.

  • Tenacious Adhesion: Strong bonding capabilities without relying on synthetic bonding agents.

  • Water Based: Environmentally and user safe. No solvent clean-up or disposal problems.

  • Custom Colored Upon Request: Closely matches existing masonry. Choose from Standard or Custom Colors.

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