Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. -Epochrome - Yellow/Ochre - 4 oz.


4 oz.
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Category: coatings | finishes | masonry stains...

MasterFormat: Maintenance of Masonry | Maintenance of Unit Masonry | Painting and Coating...

Cathedral Stone Products, Inc.
7266 Park Circle Dr.
Hanover, MD 21076
Tel: (410) 782-9150

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Epochrome - Yellow/Ochre - 4 oz.

4 oz.
SKU # 1033

Availability: In stock

Epochrome S

Features and Benefits
Blends new mortar joints with old
Contains no sythetic polymers
Bonds with mortar only
Deep penetration

Application Procedures

Test Area
Always prepare a test area prior to full application. This will indicate the time required for project completion and suitability of product for effective cleaning of the substrate. Additionally, specific jobsite consumption rates can be calculated after the test area is completed.

Equipment & Tools


Surface Preparation, Mixing Instructions, Product Application, Curing, Clean-up, Safety Requirements, Limitations, Packaging, Coverage, Storage, Shelf Life, etc.

Dwell Time

Removal and Cleanup
After allowing the product to dwell, rinse the surface with copious amounts water (pressure washer). Do not allow run off to dry on other surfaces.

Safety Requirements
Proper safety procedures should be followed at all times while handling this product. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for important health/safety information before use. Pad Mark Remover should only be used for approved applications.


Packaging and Coverage

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Technical Data
Specific Gravity
Boiling PointNot specified
VOC content