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An endless variety of shapes, designs, and ornaments are combined to create graceful custom cornice systems from Campbellsville Industries.

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An endless variety of shapes, designs, and ornaments are combined to create graceful custom cornice systems from Campbellsville Industries. The planning and creation of a custom cornice system is a demanding art, and requires the skills of artisans and craftsmen from inspiration to completion.

Fabricating processes of forming, spinning, and casting are used in the crafting of custom cornice systems. A wide range of metals and materials: aluminum, copper, lead-coated copper, microzinc, urethanes - give unlimited possibilities. Sometimes, custom cornice systems are provided complete with structural aluminum framework, ready for contractor’s/owner’s installation.

Frequently, we are commissioned to create a special design, duplicate an architect’s design, or reproduce a historic landmark. Most any profile and detail can be reproduced, no matter how intricate. However, options can be more economical, and sometimes stock components meet requirements.

Preliminary design and consultation to the architect, contractor, and/or owner available from our design staff. Send us your drawings, sketches, and/or photos for our evaluation and pricing.


Not every project requires the exacting details that a custom system demands. Here is a collection of standard cornice profiles which has been popular over the years, and is offered in any quantity in lengths up to 12'-0".

Stock cornices are available in .032" aluminum with Kynar 500 baked-on finishes (white, sandstone, cream, colonial white, ivory, and medium bronze), 20 oz. copper, 20 oz. lead-coated copper, or .032" Altrista zinc.

Blocking and supports for stock cornices are minimal, and installation is easily accomplished. The durability of Campbellsville standard cornices provides the owner savings in maintenance costs. The aluminum cornices with Kynar 500 finishes have a 20 year life expectancy - far exceeding conventionally constructed cornice systems. Other natural metals are even more permanent.

CORNICES... the Campbellsville way.

Our staff is available to provide assistance in determining your cornice needs. Often our input can result in substantial savings in both labor and materials whether it be residential, commercial, or institutional.


Campbellsville provides complete shop drawings and anchor details, showing selected cornice system. After approval of shop drawings, physical samples of each cornice profile are submitted for final approval before any fabrication begins. Miter patterns accompany each profile.


Each step of fabrication is carefully monitored to insure quality and proper installation. Pre-mitered corners are optional at added cost. A wide range of fabrication processes gives you many possibilities in custom cornices.


Campbellsville cornice systems are easy to install. Lengths up to 12'-0" expedite installation. Minimal blocking and support systems required. Technical installation consultation available by calling the factory.


Often, other components complement cornice systems, whether custom or stock. In addition to these fine examples of our work, many other types ornamental buildings across the country.

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