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Campbellsville Industries is pleased to offer a wide variety of columns selections on the market today.

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Campbellsville Industries is pleased to offer a wide variety of columns selections on the market today. Whether your column project requires traditional Architectural Wood Columns (as shown in photo at right), Classical Stock Wood Columns, Fiberglass Columns, or Aluminum Columns—Campbellsville has just the right columns for your project. Let our estimating department provide you with column pricing.

Determining which column type is right for your project is a matter of considering several factors: Is architectural correctness important? Will the columns be in a harsh climate and can they be properly maintained? Is budget a concern? Is the type of column that I am considering made in the height and the base diameter required for my project? If choosing a wood column, can the column be properly ventilated? Will the columns be plain or fluted?

Classic Column Orders

Column design is normally taken directly from the classic Greek column orders as shown in the chart at left. The most popular column styles are: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, and Greek Corinthian, and Roman Composite orders. These classic column orders are followed faithfully in the traditional architectural columns line, in which each column is crafted to exacting proportions based upon which column order is specified for the project.

Fiberglass columns and Stock Wood Columns follow these column orders in a general manner, but simplify the proportions to a slight degree for manufacturing purposes and economy. Aluminum columns are a more stylized version of the classic column orders and are designed to accommodate the aluminum extrusion process in the column manufacturing process.

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