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Noble transparency

See and be seen. Divide rooms without separating them. Create a generous space for cutting-edge office architecture with the transparent and filigree design of our unique Monotop partition system and benefit from all the advantages.

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Monotop Partition System

Noble transparency

See and be seen. Divide rooms without separating them. Create a generous space for cutting-edge office architecture with the transparent and filigree design of our unique Monotop partition system and benefit from all the advantages a flexible partition system has to offer. Monotop impresses with its excellent design and stands out in particular with its elegant connection between two glazing segments.
Only the 6 mm of space available in the shadow gap is required for connecting the innovative segment design. The jamb visible width therefore only measures 28 mm for glazing structures!

Impressive transparency and lightness:

The frame width of the glass segments measures just 11 mm and the jamb visible width is therefore just 28 mm for fully-glazed constructions! (2 x frames at 11 mm + a gap at 6 mm). The frames for single and double glazing can be visually and technically coordinated and combined.

Coherent design:

The 90° steel edge is the perfect fit for the wall thickness of 80 mm. The horizontal profile of the shadow gaps is purposefully designed to continue uninterrupted in the area of the corner profile.

Examples of combinations with a Monotop segment design:

Steel, glass or wood. Doors with a standard or room height. Everything is possible.

Customized Monotop design:

All glass segments can be completely or partially labeled and frosted based on customer requirements.


Alternating steel and clear glass segments and frosted glass surfaces make the long rows of walls seem less formal.

Monotop as a think tank

Attractive room-in-room solutions are in great demand in modern office environments. They are considered to be the “think tank” for focused work and discussion or ideal as a solo office with consultation areas. Combined office spaces with single offices and a central zone “market place” also require creative and variable room solutions.

Monotop offers the ideal basis for successfully implementing these existing office structures - and helps you remain flexible for the future.

There are no limitations to the design: Would you like conventional hinged doors or do you prefer the elegant sliding door? Complete transparency, frosted glass or even “frosted glass at the push of a button” with electrically controlled liquid crystals? Monotop offers you everything from the conventional “think tank” concept to the high-tech room solution.

Material combination:

High-quality materials assume a successful symbiosis with full-length doors and an attractive “glass-on-glass” corner.

Flexible corner solutions:

Wall corners can be designed using any angular position you require (example below: 135°).

Good connection:

Elegant shadow gaps that are just 6 mm wide between the steel segment, door frame and glass segment.

Technical module:

The wall can be opened easily from both sides to integrate supply pipes.

Corner solution:

We offer complete wall segments that are equipped with increased sound insulation as a 90° corner.

The elegant way to save energy

The new C+P climate wall offers a completely novel, clean, energy-saving and healthy way of air-conditioning rooms. This eliminates the disadvantages of conventional air-conditioning provided by air-based systems. The climate wall is also a real “eye-catcher” and enhances the room with its design and range of features.
The chilled water film combines a number of advantages: The advanced concept dehumidifies and cools the indoor air without creating a noticeable or even disturbing draft. Preliminary examinations have shown that the method patented by Fraunhofer Institute is considerably more energy efficient than a conventional air-conditioning system. The water film also “disposes” of small air contaminants such as dust and pollen. A treat for those who suffer with allergies!

Monotop climate wall:

A completely innovative and energy-efficient air conditioning concept. The chilled water film creates a positive atmosphere, purifies the air and ensures a highly pleasant climate.

Integration of technology:

Even this is possible: Integrating a monitor behind the water film - a real eye-catcher in your building.

Integrated blackboard:

This is a black glass board integrated flush into the wall. The board can be written on using blackboard markers and then wiped clean.

LED monitor behind the blackboard surface:

Ideal for creative conferences: Create presentations and write on the flush-mounted monitor. Everything is integrated elegantly into the Monotop wall system! The ideal combination of traditional and modern presentation and communication technologies.

SonicWall Steel

This highly-effective, microperforated acoustic steel material combines the best sound absorption with a consistent and attractive design. The perforation is so fine that it can barely be seen from just a few meters away.

More than just walls

Monotop room-in-room solutions are not only restricted to wall systems. We offer everything from the RGB illumi­nated ceiling surface and integrated media technology to the highly-effective acoustic SonicWall wall elements made from microperforated steel or fabric: Monotop has thought of everything.

Stretch ceiling with controllable lighting:

While the stretch ceiling forms a modern and consistent ceiling surface, the lighting elements behind it provide the perfect light, including RGB lighting that creates a multitude of lighting scenes. The biology of light teaches how light and colors can influence the psyche and even bodily functions in a positive manner.

Just in case:

Ceiling surface with fully functioning sprinkler system. The water supply comes from the Monotop wall system.

Easy to integrate into the Monotop system: SonicWall soft sound absorbers with printed fabrics combine usefulness with comfort. They enhance the atmosphere in the room and make it easier to express your company’s identity. The simple changing system enables patterned fabrics to be replaced quickly and effortlessly.

Ingenious segment construction

Monotop is the partition system with a segment construction! This means that individual wall segments can also be replaced at a later date without having to amend or disassemble the adjacent segments. You can therefore replace a solid wall segment with a sound-absorbing acoustic segment if required.
Test certificates are also provided for the SonicWall Soft and SonicWall Steel sound absorbers measured in an acoustic chamber in accordance with DIN EN ISO 354.

1 Solid wall segment (steel or wood)
2 Glass segment
3 SonicWall acoustic segment
4 Telescope connection for the wall, floor and ceiling
5 Stabilizer
6 Joint pipe

Monotop single glazing:

The alternative for transparent and architecturally attractive partitions. The glass segments with single glazing have a visible frame width of just 11 mm. The elegantly curved glazing frames can accommodate different glass thicknesses (of up to 8 mm).

Monotop solid wall segment:

Steel segments are also connec­ted using the method applied for wood and glass segments. The internal structure is variable. This mainly makes it possible to achieve enhanced sound insulation.

SonicWall acoustic segment

This highly-effective, micro­perforated acoustic steel material combines the best sound absorption with a consistent and attractive design.

Monotop double glazing:

The enclosed, flush construction of the double glazing offers increased sound insulation. This is important for discretion and communication areas.

Design options:

Permanent and temporary discretion areas can be created using frosted panes or interior blinds.

What to look out for

This brief overview provides you with information on the most important characteristics and possibilities of the Monotop partition system. Your C+P specialist consultant will be pleased to provide you with more information and to help find the best solution for you.

Various door designs:

All Monotop doors are flush-fitting and are suitable for the flush-mounted design of the system. Single-piece welded steel door frames offer a great deal of stability. Real wood
furnished door panels and extraordinary light cut-out sections (including frosted glass doors) are just a few examples of the customized design possibilities that Monotop has to offer.

  • Excellent design for modern architecture
  • Wall elements can be arranged vertically and horizontally
  • Transparent and filigree design
  • Flexible room requirements during regular business operations
  • Individual segments can be replaced without disassembling other segments
  • Short assembly and changeover as a result of the segment construction
  • No on-site glazing required due to pre-assembled glass segments

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Technical data
ConstructionSegment construction with individual fastening
Wall thickness80 mm
Module widths1000 mm or dependent on the object
Max. wall height4 m (undivided glazing up to 3 m high)
Jamb visible width28 mm vertical and horizontal
Sound-absorbing test values Rwup to 45 dB
Sound absorption coefficient in accordance with ISO 11654up to aw = 1,0 (sound absorption category A)
Fire protection classificationF 0
AcousticSonicWall Steel with microperforation
SonicWall Soft
Round steel hole
Indoor climateClimate wall with chilled water film
Aeration and ventilation
Media and presentation technologyIntegrated monitor
Writable blackboard
Magnetically-organized surfaces
Possible surfacesGlass
SonicWall Steel
SonicWall Soft
Pinboard materials