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Modern office buildings must adapt to the process of change in the world of work.Openness,rapid information flows,communication and quiet zones,screened-off workstations,new concepts and new employees constantly require new space configuration.

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Monorema - The Total Office

Monorema - Trennwandsysteme nach Baukastenprinzip
Monorema - the total office

Modern office buildings must adapt to the process of change in the world of work. Openness, rapid information flows, communication and quiet zones, screened-off workstations, new concepts and new employees constantly require new space configuration. Here Monorema provides you with a maximum of flexibility. Its wide range of design, sound insulation and fire protection options, as well as of finishes and glazing versions enables you to put your design ideas into practice.

Its modular design enables Monorema to be installed quickly. Conversions can also be performed quickly and cost effectively using existing components.

Panels are available in a coated plasterboard, laminated and veneered chipboard or powder-coated sheet steel finish. All edges on these forms of panelling are covered using coated system sections. A concealed hook-in system enables you to integrate shelves, coat hooks and other accessories.

Individual colouring of the system sections in combination with the wide range of finishes available enable you to give free rein to your ideas.

Room-high glass solutions for maximum translucence and transparency. Integrated blinds offer the required level of screening on a permanent or temporary basis.
Special sound insulation glass is used in areas where confidentiality is required.
Flush-mounted double glazing is available as an alternative glass finish. Given the narrow pane frames this combines an attractive look with good sound insulation.

Manufacturing flexibility

The Monorema partition system has a wide range of applications in industry. Foreman’s offices, factory hall offices, warehousing and small component stockrooms, logistics offices, booth constructionin combination with steel platform construction and two-storey booths are just some examples. And that is all based on functionality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness!
The substructure of this centre-to-centre grid partition system consists of sendzimir-galvanised steel sections, enabling structures of up to 7 m in height to be constructed! Glazing options include single-pane, double-pane, insulation, sound insulation and G30 glazing with various pane thicknesses to meet a wide range of requirements.
Special customer requirements and special solutions are commonplace in manufacturing-related areas. In some cases short-term dismantling and reassembly of partition elements to position and remove large machines precludes the need to install large doors and gates.

Monorema’s steel stud frame is panelled on both sides with 12 mm thick boards in different finishes. There is a 50 mm thick layer of mineral wool between these boards. Partition assembly in manufacturing areas is facilitated by the fact that the system allows elements that need to fit exactly to be produced on site by shortening the panelling and system sections.
In addition to the fire protection and sound insulation properties detailed in the table below, Monorema is also available with details providing efficient acoustics. Here fleece-lined insulation wool layers are applied to perforated metal sheets. Depending on the particular application, these perforated metal shells can be integrated on one or both sides.

Partition typeThickness (mm)Fire resistance class in accordance with DIN 4102Assessed sounds insulation value (Rwas per DIN EN ISO 140 Monorema 10.2100F 3041 dBMonorema 10.3100F 3046 dBMonorema 10.4100F 3048 dBMonorema 10.4 / F90100F 9048 dBSkylight glazing G 30100G 3041 dBSingle pane glazing 6 mm100 33 dBDouble pane glazing 5 + 6 mm100 41 dBSound insulation glazing 6 + 8 mm100 45 dB

Partition type 10.2

Partition type 10.4 / F 90

Partition type 10.3 / 10.4

Even where sound insulation and fire protection requirements are more stringent, the partition’s exterior retains the same look. Additional plasterboard inside the partition provides the required values.

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