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Resource-saving wall greening for interiors

C+P green walls help to improve indoor climate and room acoustics in interiors, which has a positive impact on human wellbeing. The spaciously designed wall is vertically equipped with many small plants.

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Green Walls

Green walls - for a pleasant indoor climate
Resource-saving wall greening for interiors

C+P green walls help to improve indoor climate and room acoustics in interiors, which has a positive impact on human wellbeing. The spaciously designed wall is vertically equipped with many small plants, which increase humidity in interiors and filter harmful germs or vapors out of the air at the same time. Green walls are also ideal for natural partitioning of open office spaces into working and meeting zones. Thanks to their consistent design, they can also be integrated in the C+P partition systems.

Studies suggest that green areas in the work environment have a positive impact on employees, resulting in increased cognitive abilities and creativity as well as higher concentration and labor productivity. In addition, stress in the workplace is reduced, health is promoted, and wellbeing is enhanced. Extensive wall greening is also space-saving and economical: the integration of green walls in office landscapes makes the use of additional potted plants to optimize the indoor climate unnecessary. Bring a piece of nature into your interiors and experience the positive properties of our green walls!

Green wall - Vertikal gardenin the company

A green wall brings a piece of nature into the work environment, provides for healthy interior climate, and increases human wellbeing. Plants have a positive impact on room acoustics thanks to the large absorption surface and low reverberation. Green walls also serve as a natural climate system - they purify the air and increase humidity at the same time.

Positive effects on the human psyche through green on the wall

Unhealthy germs are filtered out of the air. As shown by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, green areas in workspaces have a positive impact on the psyche of employees, resulting in

  • increased performance and concentration,
  • promotion of health,
  • increased cognitive abilities and creativity as well as
  • reduction of stress in the workplace.1
Greenery on the wall brings nature into the office

We humans have a great urge to live in harmony with nature. We were used to working outdoors or in the fresh air for many years. As a result of changing work conditions, however, we perform our work in rooms with little relation to the natural environment.

Plant wall as vertical garden in the office

Based on the biophilic design principle, the integration of a green wall in the interior design is an ideal way to connect humans with nature and to increase wellbeing using natural elements. Empirical studies show that plants help to reduce stress in interiors.

Individually equipable C+P plant walls

The individually plantable plant walls from C+P are suitable for everyone who wants to combine different plants in one wall. The advantage: The plant wall has a modular, green wall system with exchangeable plant cassettes. Single-sided or double-sided in different heights or widths, the green walls adapt to any room. The integrated irrigation system, which supplies all pot levels, takes care of the water supply for the plants. Only the water supply must be replenished as required.

Product information:
  • Patented levels to accommodate plant pots & irrigation
  • Flexible placement of individual plant pots possible
  • Invisible guidance of the irrigation lines on the side
  • Durable steel construction
  • Stainless steel water sump
  • Integrated, low-noise water pump
  • Connection for 230 V, incl. supply cable 3 m
  • Patented planes to accommodate the plant pots
  • Supplied without plant pots and plants - for individual equipping by the customer
  • Suitable for standard plant pots, size by arrangement
  • Longer delivery time possible
Variants of the individually equipped C+P plant walls
Mobile plant walls - wall greening & room zoning
  • Flexible greening & zoning of rooms
  • Bring green into space & at the same time act as a mobile room divider
  • Double-sided planting
  • Low or high base with steel facing
  • 4 heavy-duty and concealed castors for optimum mobility
Wall-standing plant walls - Wall-standing greenery
  • Wall standing greening of rooms
  • One-sided planting
  • High or low base with steel facing
  • Fixed for customer wall mounting
Fitting and maintenance of the plant walls

Discuss the ideal configuration of the C+P plant elements with your local nursery specialist on the basis of your individual room and lighting conditions. The water requirements of the individual plants should also be coordinated. Our tip: the following plants are very suitable for the green walls:

  • Chlorophytum
  • Syngonium pixie
  • Philodendron scandens

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