Boon Edam Inc. -Lifeline Speedlane Open Optical Turnstile

The Barrier Free Optical Turnstile

The Speedlane Open assists with channelling the flow of people entering and moving around buildings.

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Lifeline Speedlane Open Optical Turnstile

The Barrier Free Optical Turnstile

The Speedlane Open assists with channelling the flow of people entering and moving around buildings. Commonly operating in multiples, it acts as a boundary between public and private worlds, guiding users to their destination under the watchful eyes of a security guard. It interacts with both worlds to ensure the right people are channelled to the right place, alerting security guards if there is a breach of access.

Part of the Lifeline series, the Speedlane Open has been designed to the highest standards, ahead of industry trends:

  • using unique sensors which detect visitors approaching
  • a sleep function to save energy; pulsing light strips to guide the user
  • intuitive and proven symbols to make it user friendly
  • ergonomic design for customer comfort
  • customization possibilities in fitting with interior design
  • premium quality materials

The Speedlane Open is available in a wide variety of color options. Whether making a statement, fitting with corporate identity colours or creating a harmonious interior design, the Speedlane Open can be customized to the latest design trends, offering the opportunity to blend-in or stand-out from its surroundings.

In fitting with the latest design trends, the Speedlane Open is available with the current trending color finishes.

  • Business
  • Elements
  • Expressions

User friendly

As the user approaches, the Speedlane comes to life. A pulse of light travels along the unit drawing the eye up; a modern arrow symbol directs the user through, as a panel lights up within the smooth black curved glass top, inviting the user to present a valid ‘pass’; a ‘pass’ is presented and upon authorization the user is guided through as the pulse of light travels across the lane. The cycle is complete and the Speedlane is ready for its next user. After a set time period without user engagement, the Speedlane will fall back to sleep to save energy.

  • Single lane or multiple lane set-up
  • External control panel
Universal Control

The BoonTouch is a universal control panel which can be used to operate the Speedlane Swing remotely, from a reception area or security desk. It is able to operate any combination of up to six security access solutions. With a user friendly interface, the BoonTouch allows for the control of individual lanes, multiple lanes and to control an alarm situation.

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NEW! Speedlane Open
Diameter / Unit Width (inches)6-1/4"
Capacity (per minute)50-60
Security Level (0 - 5)0.5
# of Door Wings0
Disabled AccessYes
Fail Safe / Fail SecureYes/No
Collapsible Door Set or BarrierNo
FinishStainless Steel with Black Glass Top
OptionsExternal Control Panel
Power Supply110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (Operating)50W
Power Consumption (Stationary)45W
Power Consumption (Sleep mode)40W
Ambient Temperature5°F to +122°F
Weight220 lbs