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SUGGESTED GUIDELINES For most purposes, door heights should be limited to: Exterior Use - 8'-0" for 1/2" Glass Thickness - 8'-6" for 3/4" Glass Thickness Interior Use - 8'-6" for 1/2" Glass Thickness - 9'-0" for 3/4" Glass Thickness Note: For very tall doors, up to 12'-0" high, we suggest using...

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Door Specification Guidelines

Door Specification Guidelines

For most purposes, door heights should be limited to:
Exterior Use - 8'-0" for 1/2" Glass Thickness - 8'-6" for 3/4" Glass Thickness
Interior Use - 8'-6" for 1/2" Glass Thickness - 9'-0" for 3/4" Glass Thickness

Note: For very tall doors, up to 12'-0" high, we suggest using Blumcraft's 1200 Series Door with the glass only 1/2" thick.

Increased sizes make the doors heavier and more flexible. Therefore, these guidelines should be considered:

  • Windload, stack action and ventilation loads
  • Panic devices, deadbolt locks or any other hardware
  • Mounting conditions of doors to building structure
  • Floor closer or overhead closer characteristics
  • Heavy usage and frequency of operation
  • Comfortable feel of the door during the operation

Final determination should be made by the architect's structural engineer.


TEMPERED GLASS DOORS shall be Blumcraft Series __________ in strict accordance with the following:

GLASS shall be 1/2" thick fully tempered clear, solarbronze or solargray, 3/4" thickness available in clear only.

SERIES 1301 DOOR Top and bottom rails shall be 3/4" high architectural bronze or stainless steel. Must be used with Blumcraft ceiling channel or transom bar where the top pivot receptacles are recessed and adjustable. Walking beam top pivots are applicable. Contact Blumcraft for this special application. Special removable spindle fits Dorma BTS-80 floor closers. When overhead closers are used, a circular adapter fits the closer pintel. Recessed bottom pivot is BP-13.

SERIES 250 DOORS horizontal top and bottom rails shall be of solid aluminum sections 1-1/4" thick for 1/2" glass or 1-1/2" thick for 3/4" glass to size and shape as detailed. Vertical stiles shall be the exact shape and size to match the rails. These stiles shall be bonded to the glass in Blumcraft's factory. Hollow shapes or channel sections will not be acceptable. These rails shall contain adjustable top and bottom pivot blocks with adapters to fit operating floor checks specified. These blocks are to be solid and built to the dimensions as detailed. The pivot blocks shall have adjustable features for alignment of door. These shall have removable cover plates to hide adjustment screws. When overhead closers are used, the bottom pivot block shall contain a heavy duty tapered roller bearing which shall be adjustable in height. The upper pivot block shall contain an adjustable pivot arm to fit the pintel of the specified overhead closer.

WEATHERSTRIPPING can be applied to edges of glass or in Series 250 vertical stiles. The weather stripping shall be pile and replaceable without removing doors from the opening.

SIDELIGHTS typically have top/bottom rails to match doors. Sidelights can be recessed into ceiling or base channels for an all glass look.

DEADBOLT LOCK HOUSINGS shall be Blumcraft DB-100, DB-110, DB-130, DB-140, DB-150, DB-160, or DB-170 with interior fixed handle and any of the fixed exterior pull handles designated by letters. Operating mechanism shall be concealed within the 1-1/4" diameter architectural bronze or stainless steel tubing. There shall be a keyed cylinder on both sides or a thumbturn on the interior side where indicated. The locking mechanism shall be on the interior side of the door.

CONCEALED PANIC DEVICE shall be 1-1/4" diameter Blumcraft H-100 or H-110 with interior operating panic handle in combination with exterior fixed pull handles designated by letters. Panic mechanism shall be concealed within the architectural bronze or stainless steel tubing. Entrance from exterior by key cylinder is optional.

ELECTRIC STRIKES shall be Folger Adam 310-1 with 3/4" straight keeper without signal switches using H-100 Panic Housings. Electric strikes are mounted in the header or transom bar.

FLOATING TRANSOM BAR shall be B-1250 made of solid steel and clad to match the specified finish. B-1250 transom bars have both vertical and lateral adjustments. Installation is accomplished by stainless steel support rods hanging from ceiling channels and pressure pads to the sidelight glass.

FINISHES Aluminum:Clear Anodized, Satin or High Buff Lustre, Medium or Dark Bronze Duranodic and Black Duranodic: satin finish only. Painted and powder coated finishes available on request.

Bronze 60/40:Satin US10, Polished US9, Statuary US10B. NOTE: Furnished not lacquered. Contact Blumcraft for suggested maintenance.

Stainless Steel:Satin US32D, Polished US32.

FLOOR AND OVERHEAD CLOSERS Since size, weight, usage, and windload are factors affecting the operation of doors, Blumcraft generally recommends center-pivoted floor closers for all tempered glass doors. Blumcraft does not recommend overhead closers for general exterior use nor for large doors or doors made of excessively heavy glass or hardware. Selection of closers should be determined by the Architect with hardware consultant. Blumcraft can adapt for the following closers:

Rixson26, 28, 30, 40, 5013-15, 5023-25608, 700, 800
DormaBTS-75V, BTS-80RTS-88

NOTE: If a positive stop is required, specify "auxiliary stop to be applied at the floor, header or wall at or near the leading edge of the door".

Contact Blumcraft with manufacturer and model number of other closers to insure compatibility.

For Automatic Operators refer to Blumcraft Door Catalog.

CONSTRUCTION AND TESTING Door shall be completely built with top and bottom rails bonded to glass. Vertical lock housings, panic, push/pull hardware and cylinders shall be applied to doors. All bonding of metal to glass with application of lock housings, panics, hardware and cylinders must be done in Blumcraft's factory under controlled conditions. Each door shall be physically tested in Blumcraft's factory for all functions, made ready for installation.

INSTALLATION shall be made in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Door framing, jambs and thresholds shall be rigidly set square and plumb. Clearances between the doors, header, jamb and threshold shall be as recommended by door manufacturer. Pivot blocks at top and bottom of doors shall be properly aligned by internal adjustments before placing strike plates in floor, threshold and header. The installation contractor shall be fully responsible for properly aligning and setting the doors/sidelights all in accordance with Blumcraft's instruction sheets included with each shipment.

PROTECTION During and after installation the general contractor shall provide adequate protection against stains and damage during construction.

SHOP DRAWINGS shall be prepared by Blumcraft's Engineering Staff.

Before sending preliminary sketches to Blumcraft, please refer to complete catalogs in Sweets:

Tempered Glass Doors - 08 41 00 / BLU
Architectural Hardware - 08 71 00 / BLU
Display Case Doors - 12 35 59 / BLU
Railing Systems - 05 73 00 / BLU

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