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Haiku fans aren’t just efficient - they have been named ENERGY STAR most efficient. Spanning 52- to 84-in. (2.1m) in diameter, Haiku fans are ideal for rooms of any size, including office and retail space, foyers, patios and dining areas.

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Haiku Ceiling Fan

Haiku fans aren’t just efficient - they have been named ENERGY STAR most efficient. Spanning 52- to 84-in. (2.1m) in diameter, Haiku fans are ideal for rooms of any size, including office and retail space, foyers, patios and dining areas. Made of sustainably harvested Moso bamboo, durable matrix composite or aircraft-grade aluminum, Haiku fans deliver silent air circulation with award-winning style.

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    Award-Winning Design

    We’re fond of Haiku, of course, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Haiku fans have won more than 75 international design and technology awards (and counting), including the prestigious red dot Award, a Product Innovation Award in the furnishings category by Architectural Products, and the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR as recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, among others. Check out our trophy case here.

    Ultra-Efficient Motor
    • Sleek profile conceals patented electronics and a cool-running motor with an integrated inverter drive.
    • Requires just 1.5 to 52 W of electrical input.
    • More efficient than required by ENERGY STAR.
    Thin Sheet™ Airfoils
    • Patent-pending Thin Sheet™ airfoils feature an aerodynamic profile, resulting in smooth, silent airflow at all speeds
    • Available in sustainable Moso bamboo, durable matrix composite or aircraft-grade polished aluminum
    Remote Control
    • Compact wireless controller for easy operation
    • Simple, minimalist elegance
    • Haiku fans feature seven distinct speed settings, as well as Sleep mode, a timer and the exclusive Whoosh® mode, which varies fan speed to simulate natural breezes and increase perceived cooling.
    Certified Pre-Balanced
    • Every Haiku undergoes a 13-step hand-balancing process before shipping
    • Haiku will never rattle or wobble
    Control Options
    • Haiku® Wall Control (optional) enables SenseME™ Technology in Haiku L Series and provides a convenient physical control point for all Haiku Fans and Lights.
    • Every Haiku fan comes standard with a remote that lets you adjust its settings and control its modes with the push of a button.
    • All SenseME-enabled Haiku fans can also be controlled using the free Haiku Home app, available for iOS or Android.
    • To learn more about SenseME,
    American-Made Comfort
    • Haiku H and I Series fans are proudly handcrafted, hand-balanced and individually tested to ensure silent operation right here in Lexington, Kentucky.
    Year-round Energy Savings

    Haiku fans work with your HVAC system to lower home energy costs.

    • In summer, set your thermostat 4° to 6° higher and stay cool through your fan’s cooling effect, saving 20% - 30% on cooling costs.
    • In winter, Haiku fans gently push warm air down from the ceiling without creating a draft, so you stay comfortable and save up to 10% on heating costs.
    SenseME™ Technology

    All Haiku H and I Series fans include SenseME. The optional Haiku Wall Control enables SenseME in Haiku L Series fans.

    • Automatically adjusts the fan speed as the room gets warmer or cooler.
    • Remembers user preferences to make more personalized adjustments in the future.
    • Motion sensor for automatic on/off-convenient and energy-saving!
    • Sleep Mode lets you choose your preferred temperature or fan speed for the perfect snooze.
    • Smart Mode allows you to reduce the burden on your HVAC, saving energy while keeping you comfortable year-round.
    • iOS and Android apps allow total fan control from your mobile device.
    • Pair SenseME-enabled fans with the Nest Learning Thermostat™ to save energy even more simply.
    LED Light Kit

    LED light kits are optional on Haiku H and I Series fans. All Haiku L Series fans feature an integrated LED module.

    • 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs.
    • Rated to last for more than 45 years under typical usage conditions.
    • 16 distinct brightness levels.
    • Brightness equivalent to a 100W light bulb.
    Wall Control
    • Wirelessly controls up to seven Haiku fans and/or lights.
    • Enables SenseME in Haiku L Series fans.
    • LED indicators.
    • Intuitive button layout.
    Hardware Finishes

    Go beyond our classic black and white finishes with oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel hardware finishes, available exclusively on our bamboo Haiku H Series fans. This little change to your fan’s appearance makes a big difference and can add the perfect finishing touch to the design scheme in your home, restaurant or office.

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    Color Customization

    Choose from any one of our 11 classic colors, or dream up a color of your own and let our expert color technicians make it a head-turning reality.

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