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Sick airflow, bro. Yellow Jacket® is the Smashingly Durable® portable and mountable fan that takes abuse and stays in use.

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Yellow Jacket® Industrial Column / Wall Fan

Sick airflow, bro. Yellow Jacket® is the Smashingly Durable® portable and mountable fan that takes abuse and stays in use. Available 18- (45.7cm) and 36-inch (91.4cm) pedestals allow you to direct Yellow Jacket’s airflow where it’s needed to keep employees comfortable. Mount it to a column or wall to get airflow in areas with no floor space. If it gets dirty, don’t worry. Its IP45 equivalent components and easy-to-remove cage mean you can spray it down to get it squeaky clean. Need to dress it up? Yellow Jacket now comes in optional white and black appearance packages.

Energy Efficient Motor
  • Efficient 1/2 hp motor; even at full speed Yellow Jacket only uses 400 W

Multiple Speeds
  • Yellow Jacket offers 10 speed settings, to be exact.

Quiet Operation
  • Yellow Jacket’s tight construction and efficient airfoils ensure it will not drown out conversations - even nearby.

Smashingly Durable
  • Heavy-gauge steel carriage withstands the toughest environments

Easy to Move
  • Oversized wheels and an ergonomic handle offer superior maneuverability

Color Options
  • Now available in two color options: the standard yellow and new black paint package.

  • The Yellow Jacket fan mount rotates 360°.

Unrivaled Warranties
  • Enjoy your fan, worry-free, with a lifetime hub and airfoil warranty.

  • Big Ass Solutions handles all warranties without redirecting you to component manufacturers. We make it, we sell it, we install it and we guarantee it.

  • See our Industrial Warranty Document for more information.

  • Guaranteed 3-year non-prorated warranty on all components.

Portable Bases
  • Available in three heights - yoke mount, 18-in. and 36-in. - the pedestal bases get air up where it’s needed.

Remote Mounted Controls
  • Full fan control no matter where fan is mounted

  • Comes standard with 15-ft. of cable

I-Beam Mount
  • Let comfort rain down from above with the Yellow Jacket I-Beam mount

  • Available with 1- to 10-ft. extension tubes

  • Guy wires come standard with extension tubes greater than 3-ft.

  • Longer extension tubes are available upon request

  • Pair with the remote-mounted speed controller to allow adjustments at ground-level

Wall Column Mount
  • Mount your Yellow Jacket to any structural column or wall to free up floor space

Low Profile I-Beam Mount
  • Can be mounted to I-Beam or angle iron

  • Use where absolute minimum ceiling height is available

  • Pair with the remote-mounted speed controller for ground-level adjustments

Chain Mount
  • Using chains or cable, mount Yellow Jacket to concrete ceilings and metal or wood superstructures

  • Oscillator is available with portable bases, I-Beam mount and wall column mount.

  • Directs air generated by the fan outward to cover a larger area

  • Can be turned off for concentrated airflow when needed

Misting System
  • Produces an ultra-fine mist that can lower the actual indoor or outdoor air temperature by up to 25°F (14°C) without getting everything wet

  • Features droplets so small they’re measured in microns - picture half the size of a single red blood cell - which evaporate instantly for pure cooling

  • Available with wall and column mount, or portable base with 18- (45.7cm) and 36-in. (91.4cm) pedestals

Black Appearance Package
  • In addition to the standard yellow color package, select the sleek black finish for that extra touch of style and class.

Color Customization

Choose from any one of our 11 classic colors, or dream up a color of your own and let our expert color technicians make it a head-turning reality.

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