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Industrial size meets contemporary style with Powerfoil Breeze, Big Ass Fans’ largest commercial overhead fan. Designed to quietly and efficiently deliver powerful airflow to commercial and public spaces, Powerfoil Breeze features advanced direct-drive technology.

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Powerfoil Breeze Fan

Industrial size meets contemporary style with Powerfoil Breeze, Big Ass Fans’ largest commercial overhead fan. Designed to quietly and efficiently deliver powerful airflow to commercial and public spaces, Powerfoil Breeze features advanced direct-drive technology, a patented airfoil system, and an eye-catching aesthetic.

  • Six anodized aluminum airfoils
  • Permanent magnet direct-drive motor
  • Sleek vented cover for motor and drive
  • Rated IP66 for protection against dust, water, and vapors
Introducing Clean Air System



Powerfoil Breeze is now part of Clean Air System, the industry’s most effective air disinfection solution. Learn how its powerful airflow and ozone-free ion technology safely eliminate airborne and surface pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19, and deliver cleaner, safer air to your people.

Airflow That Makes an Impression

Make Your Space Feel As Inviting As It Looks

Powerfoil Breeze delivers style befitting any modern space. Its sleek design and vented housing offer a clean, contemporary look that can blend in or stand out with ease. And with a perfectly balanced, two-axis mounting system and permanent-magnet motor, Powerfoil Breeze turns airflow into smooth, silent performance art.

Comfort Comes in Your Favorite Color

With full color customization available for Powerfoil Breeze, you can reinforce your brand, match your décor, or create a centerpiece of comfort and style. Choose from our standard finishes, wide range of RAL colors, or custom color matching for a truly one-of-a-kind appearance.

Comfort That Stays Secure

No Substitute for Safety

Powerfoil Breeze’s superior engineering is underscored by safety systems that lead the industry in both scope and quality. Designed for redundant security under the most demanding conditions, Powerfoil Breeze offers the most extensive safety features on the market:

  • Mounting system tensile-tested to 28,000 pounds
  • Aircraft-grade steel safety cables
  • Steel hub and airfoil retainers
  • Auto-shutoff impact detection
  • Fire suppression system integration
The Latest Tool on Our Safety Belt

Powerfoil Breeze’s patented Airfoil Restraint System ensures that your fan’s airfoils remain intact and connected to the hub in the event of severe impact damage. Featuring durable nylon straps that extend from hub to winglet, the Airfoil Restraint System keeps your people, products, and property out of harm’s way.

See Your Solution in 3D

SpecLab® Custom Airflow Analysis

When you invest in your facility’s comfort, you want the peace of mind that it’s going to pay off. Our proprietary SpecLab software uses 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate our fans’ airflow in your space, modeling your facility’s detailed layout with real data from our accredited research lab. With SpecLab, you’ll have an accurate look at our fans’ performance in your space before you buy.

Customize Your Comfort

Designed to Your Specifications

With customizable options to meet the demands of your business, Powerfoil Breeze delivers comfort on your terms. The fan’s design allows for a number of functional attachments, including an infra-red occupancy sensor that makes hands-free comfort and additional energy savings possible by automatically detecting activity in your space and turning your fan on or off.

Innovative Controls for Next-Level Comfort

Put Control in Your Hands

Powerfoil Breeze’s standard digital touchscreen controller provides an easy interface to adjust fan speeds and settings. For more advanced control, the premium BAFCon controller features SmartSense technology’s automated seasonal modes, group control of up to eight fans, fan scheduling, and multi-level password protection. Managing facility-wide comfort has never been easier.

Fast, Easy Building Automation

Upgrading to BAFCon also allows fan owners to integrate with their building management systems using Modbus RTU, BACnet, and 0-10 V protocols, making it easy to enjoy the convenience of centralized control. With advanced technology from Powerfoil Breeze, comfort is always close at hand.

Specifying Powerfoil Breeze for Your Facility

Not sure which size model you need or where to install it? We’ll help you identify which of Powerfoil Breeze’s diameter options is best for your space’s layout, and the fan’s universal mount installs to most common ceiling structures.

Let the Experts Work for You

Service That Stands Out

Deciding to invest in Powerfoil Breeze’s transformative airflow is only the beginning of your Big Ass Fans experience. For more than 20 years, our dedicated airflow experts have provided world-class customer support and fast, reliable on-site service. From your custom 3D airflow analysis to annual preventive maintenance, our team has you covered during every step of fan ownership.

No Assembly Required

Don’t take time away from your business to install your fan-every installer in Big Ass Fans’ nationwide network is a licensed, factory-trained professional with years of experience. Our team will coordinate your project from start to finish, working with your facility’s schedule to complete the installation quickly and correctly.

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