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The Berridge Spanish Tile system is a durable way to achieve a Spanish tile look.

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Berridge Metal Roof and Wall Panels
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San Antonio, TX 78209
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Spanish Tile Metal Roofing System

The Berridge Spanish Tile system is a durable way to achieve a Spanish tile look. This significantly lighter than clay option is applied over the Deep-Vee Panel and provides longer longevity and increased durability over the clay alternative due to the benefits of using high strength steel instead of clay.

24 Gauge Steel

Uses: Roof
Coverage: 8" wide x 16" long
Finishes: Smooth
Fasteners: Concealed
Applications: Open framing, solid sheathing
Tiles: 8" wide and 2" tall
Optional: Custom mixed color palette

Individual factory formed tiles are installed on top of Deep-Vee factory formed panels to a maximum of 40’
Deep-Vee panels may be site formed in continuous lengths with the Berridge SP-14 Roll Former
100 tiles per square included. Order individual Spanish Tiles separately for hips, ridges, etc.
Estimate 180 fasteners per square (80 Deep-Vee, 100 for tiles)
Use Flat Ridge/Hip Cap Flashing at ridges and hips alone or as sub-flashing to mount individual Spanish Tiles along 1” leg
Use one eave closure at 9” O.C. along bottom row of tiles to close off ends of tiles at eaves and valleys*
Use Zee-Flashing as mechanical weather closure at ridges, hips, etc. Field cut to fit between seams*
Use standard channel at end walls and flashed areas*
Use special channel at gable ends and areas where color will show on all sides*

* Trim drawings with dimensions and finish side required for all trim pieces

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