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Magnum Student door gauge is increased to 14 gauge which is 25% heavier than standard 16 gauge doors.

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Magnum Student KD Wardrobe Lockers

Magnum Student door gauge is increased to 14 gauge which is 25% heavier than standard 16 gauge doors.

The Magnum Student KD Single-Point Corridor Lockers are by far our quietest KD Lockers ever and an economical alternative to our top of the line All-Welded AMP-1005 Bulldog Lockers.


Body/Frame: Knock down (KD) with 24 gauge solid body components. 16 gauge frame with 16 gauge horizontal cross member between doors on double and triple tier wardrobe lockers.

Doors: 14 gauge plain doors are standard. louvered, Secure-Air-Flow, Safety-View and diamond perforated door styles are available. Continuous vertical door strike at both hinge and latch side

Handle: Deep-drawn seamless stainless steel recessed handle.

Latching: Single-point maintenance-free quiet latching with 11 gauge MIG welded latch. Single-point maintenance-free quiet, 11gauge latch hooks are welded to the frame.

Hinges: 16 gauge continuous piano hinge.

Hooks: 2-single hooks and 1-double hook is standard. 1-double hook only for triple tier and 1-double and 1- single hook for 9" wide openings 30" and higher

Shelves: Hat shelf for single tier openings 60" and 72" high

Legs: All production KD lockers are supplied without legs unless otherwise specified.

Warranty: 2 Year

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3" wide 18 gauge full height door stiffener


18 gauge continuous piano hinge


Deep-Drawn Stainless-Steel Recessed Handle with Single-Point Latching

Max Option Upgrade:

Upgrades all body components to 16 gauge with 18 gauge back. Recommended when placing heavy items in lockers such as backpacks.