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This 3-point positive latching system all-welded locker is one of the most rugged and durable lockers currently available.

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AMP-1001 Turn Handle Athletic Lockers

This 3-point positive latching system all-welded locker is one of the most rugged and durable lockers currently available.

Engineered to utilize our new Twin-Frame all-welded construction, AMP-1001 lockers are manufactured to be both secure and durable to hold up to the abuse of today's athletes.

Positive latching is achieved using a 3-point turn-handle locking mechanism which when locked, provides maximum security. With the simple act of turning the handle, 3/8" diameter lock rods engage the frame through guide holes in the return flanges of the locker top and bottom while simultaneously, a heavy-gauge latch rotates behind the continuous door strike which is an integral part of the vertical frame.


Body/Frame: Twin-Frame all-welded construction, 16 gauge 1-1/2" high continuous bottom with reinforcing channels welded to the underside at each side panel providing a rigid unit base, 16 gauge continuous top, 16 gauge diamond perforated sides are integral with front vertical frame, 18 gauge solid back

Doors: 14 gauge diamond perforated doors are standard. Plain, Secure-Air-Flow, and louvered door styles are available, Continuous vertical door strike at both hinge and latch side

Handle: 3-point turn-handle latching

Latching: 3-point turn-handle latching engaging at frame top, bottom and center side of door, 3/8" diameter lock rods are the heaviest in the industry, 3/16" turn-handle welded to 11 gauge cam,11 gauge lock plate keeper is welded to center side of frame

Hinges: 16 gauge continuous piano type shelves: 16 gauge hat shelf for single tier openings 60" and 72" high, 16 gauge intermediate shelves

Hooks: 2-single hooks and 1-double hook is standard. 1-double hook only for triple tier 1-double and 1-single hook for 9" wide openings 30" and higher

Warranty: Lifetime

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High-Security 3-Point Turn Handle locks the door at the top, bottom, and middle of doors for additional security and integrity.


Slope Tops can be added to keep debris and items from collecting on top of lockers.


18 gauge continuous piano hinge

Upgrade to Elite:

Includes a 3" wide 18 gauge full height door stiffener spot welded to the inner door face and MIG welded to the hinge side as well as to the top and bottom door flanges providing a rigid torque-free door. A 1-1/2" wide stiffener will be furnished for 9" wide Elite doors. 18” and 24” all-welded lockers are only available in Elite Series.


Single TierDouble TierTriple Tier
Widths9", 12", 15", 18", 24"9", 12", 15", 18", 24"9", 12", 15", 18", 24"
Depths12", 16", 18", 22"12", 16", 18", 22"12", 16", 18", 22"
Opening Heights24", 30", 35"20", 24"
Column Heights36", 48", 60", 72"48", 60", 72"60", 72"