Arriscraft - ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Thin Calcium Silicate Stone

ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Thin Calcium Silicate StoneModel: ARRIS.tile Renaissance® UnitsArriscraft offers the most comprehensive set of thin-clad materials on the market...

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ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Thin Calcium Silicate Stone

ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Thin Calcium Silicate Stone

Model: ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Units

Arriscraft offers the most comprehensive set of thin-clad materials on the market today, including ARRIS.tile, ARRIS.stack (units that can be adhered to a suitable solid substrate) and ARRIS.clip (units 'clipped' to a substrate using a channel system). These Thin-Clad Units are versatile and easy to install, plus each is surprisingly affordable. Arriscraft’s Natural Process production method ensures remarkably natural and unique color ranges and striations unmatched by other manufactured stone products.

Thin-Clad Units have proven durability and come with our Lifetime Product Warranty. The nature of Thin-Clad Units also support “Green” product and design philosophies, such as lower embodied energy, reduced transportation costs, and a zero-emitting finish for healthy interior spaces.

ARRIS.tile, ARRIS.stack and ARRIS.clip Thin-Clad corner units complement and maintain the look of full bed stone installations. In addition, sills, caps, water tables and bull nose profiles are available to complete the overall stone veneer. Enhance your architectural design vision by using Thin-Clad Units on the exterior or interior of your next project.

ARRIS.tile Renaissance®

ARRIS·tile Renaissance® Units have become a favorite for classic interior designs and are equally suited for exterior applications. Just as with thin brick, ARRIS·tile Renaissance® Units can be adhered to suitable solid substrates. Developed for vertical wall applications, ARRIS·tile Renaissance® Units may be site cut, trimmed and finished to custom lengths, shapes or sizes.

ARRIS·tile Renaissance® Units effectively reduce transportation, installation and structural costs, and this allows for a cost-effective installation when compared to full bed masonry or stone applications. The appearance and beauty of a traditional full bed stone installation can be achieved with return corner units. Natural stone color ranges or striations will enhance the design of your project.

  • available in standard nominal 4”, 8” and 12” face rises; nominal 24” lengths; and a 3/4” thickness
  • 12 standard colors
  • custom colors available (conditions apply)

Available Finishes: ARRIS.stack is available in Split Finish Only, Thin-Clad Renaissance® Available in Rocked and Smooth Finishes


RS358 TILE3-5/8''23-5/8''3/4''
RS758 TILE7-5/8''23-5/8''3/4''
RS115 TILE11-5/8''23-5/8''3/4''
RS358 TILE Return3-5/8''22-7/8'' Max3/4''
RS758 TILE Return7-5/8''22-7/8'' Max3/4''
RS115 TILE Return11-5/8''22-7/8'' Max3/4''

875 Speedsville Road
Cambridge, ON N3H 4S8
Tel: (800) 265-8123
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