Architectural Columns & Balustrades by Melton Classics -MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Banding & Watertables


Enhance the beauty of your masonry façade by incorporating MeltonStone Cast Stone Banding into your design.

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Architectural Columns & Balustrades by Melton Classics
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MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Banding & Watertables

Enhance the beauty of your masonry façade by incorporating MeltonStone Cast Stone Banding into your design. MeltonStone Cast Stone Banding can add distinction and elegance to your buildings’ design by introducing contrast between the color and texture of your brick, stone or other masonry. The utilization of horizontal or vertical rows of MeltonStone Banding throughout the brick veneer allows the design professional to define wall sections and spaces, and add depth, color and distinction to the design. By combining economical MeltonStone flush and profiled banding, watertable, medallions and other MeltonStone Architectural Elements, the design professional can add their own unique design imprint to their building design at amazingly affordable prices. You can select from any of our standard MeltonStone Banding profiles, or have an economically priced custom detail made from your drawings. See Watertable for more options.

MeltonStone Cast Stone Banding vs. Precast Concrete
Each individual piece of MeltonStone Cast Stone Banding is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to make sure it has the quality, detail, finish and appearance our customers have come to expect from fine architectural products by Melton Classics. MeltonStone Cast Stone has a “sugar cube” like finish that looks like cut limestone which distinguishes its appearance from the more rough and pitted finish normally associated with precast concrete or wet cast concrete. The dense finish of Melton Stone Cast Stone is more resistant to weather and dirt, has lower moisture absorption and has a smooth granular finish with no pits or bug holes. MeltonStone also resists spalling and weathering of its surface so it retains its fine granular texture through decades of exposure to the elements. Reinforcements can also be added to MeltonStone to provide the structural advantages of precast concrete with the beauty, uniform surface quality and durability of natural stone. MeltonStone Cast Stone is cast to the highest quality standards to meet and exceed the stringent specifications set forth by the Cast Stone Institute.

Complete Coordination of your Buildings Design Elements with MeltonStone Cast Stone
In addition to our cast stone banding, we have listed a few of the MeltonStone Cast Stone Architectural Elements we offer at left, however please remember, the only limit to what we can create in MeltonStone is your imagination.

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