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Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades provide the warm feel and classic beauty of wood balustrades with significant durability advantages.

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Architectural Columns & Balustrades by Melton Classics
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Architectural Urethane™ Polyurethane Balustrades

Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades provide the warm feel and classic beauty of wood balustrades with significant durability advantages. These classic polyurethane balustrades are an ideal durable and low maintenance alternative to wood railings, and they are impervious to insects and rot. Economical price and ease of installation are but a few of the reasons that Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades are one of our most popular balustrades. These durable high density polyurethane balustrades are also ideal for elevated applications such as balconies and rooftops where reduced weight is desired, but are they equally at home on your deck or patio, as well.

Superior Quality Balustrades

Melton Classics Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades are proudly crafted by our millwork craftsmen in the United States of America, not in China like most of our competition. Our workmanship, state of the art molds and quality materials provide unmatched crispness of detail and the superior level of quality you have come to expect from quality made in the USA balustrades by Melton Classics. All Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades are manufactured from high density polyurethane in a similar density to white pine, and factory primed in a classic white finish. These durable and low maintenance balustrades will not rot, splinter or separate, and are insect resistant. All our balustrades are carefully monitored during the manufacturing process, hand detailed, and inspected for quality prior to being packaged for shipment to your construction site.

Limitless Design Selection

Our Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades are offered in over 60 designs and to ensure that you can select the ideal balustrade to enhance the beauty of your home. Hand and foot railings are offered in 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths to facilitate optimization of materials and reduce the number of newel posts required. Balustrades are available with overall system rail heights from 24″ to 43″, and are designed to allow infinite baluster spacing flexibility to allow compliance with local building codes, or allow wider baluster spacing to reduce cost when a specific spacing is not required for code compliance.

Curved Railings and Stairs

Radiused balustrade railings have been used by creative architects and designers for centuries to create flowing lines and dramatic visual effects in fine architecture. To allow you to create an architectural masterpiece, Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades are available with curved hand and foot railings in a variety of standard radius profiles.

Custom Designed Balustrades

In addition to our over 60 standard baluster molds, we specialize in manufacture of your custom design balustrades in Architectural Urethane™. Our experienced custom casting artisans can manufacture custom balustrades, or any other architectural element from your architectural drawings in low maintenance Architectural Urethane™. We also can replicate any historical pattern or existing design from your model.

Design Coordination of Balustrades and Millwork

For complete coordination of your design elements, Melton Classics also offers a wide array of other architectural elements in Architectural Urethane™ from our large inventory of standard molds. In addition to our extensive selection of balustrades, we also offer Architectural Urethane™ mouldings, cornices, shutters, window heads, entrance features, and a wide array of other low maintenance polymer architectural elements that are impervious to rot, decay and insects.

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Architectural Urethane™ Balustrade Spacing and System Weight Guide
Design NumberSystem Wt. Per Ft.Std. Newel Post Wt.O.C. Space for 4″ CodeRadius Rails & Radius StairsMinimum RadiusMaintenance Free Paint
250-330-1916336 3/4″Yes7′Pre-Painted
250-330-2218336 3/4″Yes7′Pre-Painted
250-330-2821336 3/4″Yes7′Pre-Painted
250-370-2416336 3/4″Yes7′Pre-Painted
250-370-3018336 3/4″Yes7′Pre-Painted