Architectural Columns & Balustrades by Melton Classics -MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Entry Systems


Let your entry system make a dramatic statement about the quality of your building project with MeltonStone Cast Stone Entry Features.

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Architectural Columns & Balustrades by Melton Classics
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MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Entry Systems

Let your entry system make a dramatic statement about the quality of your building project with MeltonStone Cast Stone Entry Features. Built with quality for lasting beauty, MeltonStone cast Stone entry features are offered in your selection of stone colors to enhance the beauty of your building project. From a simple arch with keystone to a complete façade with MeltonStone cast stone architectural columns, Melton Classics cast stone entry features enhance the beauty and value of your building.

Dramatic Entry Features with MeltonStone Cast Stone Columns
Melton Classics has manufactured a broad array of entry features for discriminating clients throughout the country utilizing a wide array of cast stone architectural features. Architectural columns are often used as the focal point of our entry systems, however, pilasters, elaborate pediments, brackets, corbels and arches can be incorporated into the design to create your own elegant MeltonStone Entry System. Melton Classics also offers custom entryways to perfectly express the aesthetic and technical requirements for your project. From historic restorations to leading edge custom designs, MeltonStone™ Cast Stone offers unlimited flexibility and classic beauty.

Entry Systems Engineered for Ease of Handling and Installation
MeltonStone™ Entry Systems are provided in several sections to ease installation. Attachment plates, threaded inserts, or slots for strapping can be provided to facilitate attachment to your structure.

Built with Cast Stone Institute Quality for Enduring Beauty
Each individual MeltonStone Cast Stone Entry System is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to make sure it has the quality, detail, finish and appearance our customers have come to expect from fine cast stone architectural products by Melton Classics. MeltonStone Cast Stone has a “sugar cube” like finish that looks like cut limestone which distinguishes its appearance from the more rough and pitted finish normally associated with precast concrete or wet cast concrete. The dense finish of Melton Stone Cast Stone is more resistant to weather and dirt has lower moisture absorption and has a smooth granular finish with no pits or bug holes. MeltonStone also resists spalling and weathering of its surface so it retains its fine granular texture through decades of exposure to the elements. MeltonStone Cast Stone is cast to the highest quality standards to meet and exceed the stringent specifications set forth by the Cast Stone Institute.

Complete Coordination of your Buildings Design Elements with MeltonStone Cast Stone
We have listed a few of the broad selection MeltonStone Cast Stone Architectural Elements we offer at left, however please remember, the only limit to what we can create in MeltonStone Cast Stone is your imagination.

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