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For centuries the enduring beauty and durability of cast stone has been sought out by architects and builders alike for use in the creation of classical balustrades.

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Architectural Columns & Balustrades by Melton Classics
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MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Balustrades

For centuries the enduring beauty and durability of cast stone has been sought out by architects and builders alike for use in the creation of classical balustrades. From gardens and porches, to balconies and stairways, cast stone balustrades have been used in fine architecture to create drama and enduring elegance.

Cast Stone Has Unlimited Design Flexibility

Melton Classics now provides the quality conscious designer with an affordable and durable alternative to natural stone with its complete line of MeltonStone™ cast stone balustrade and architectural elements. In addition to providing the substantial look and durability of hand cut stone, MeltonStone™ Cast Stone also affords unlimited design flexibility. Literally, the only limit to what can be created with MeltonStone™ is your imagination.

Classic Cast Stone Balustrade Designs

At Melton Classics, we specialize in the manufacture of classical balustrades in a wide array of durable maintenance free or low maintenance materials. MeltonStone™ cast stone balustrades are offered in numerous classic designs and sizes to allow for complete design flexibility. Balustrade heights of 24″ to 42″ and higher are available to meet local code and design requirements. Our balustrades also provide infinite flexibility of baluster spacing so that 4″ sphere, or wider baluster spacing can be achieved. In addition to our standard straight balustrade railings, our casting artisans can craft railings with a radius or helical shape to create radius stairways to add flair and interest to any architectural design.

Authentic Natural Maturing Process

Unlike our other polymer based balustrade products, MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Balustrades exhibit the same “maturing” characteristics as natural stone which create visual enhancement year after year as the stone matures. This authentic natural aging process positions MeltonStone as an ideal material for use in the restoration, renovation, or duplication of stone historical balustrades. In addition to classical applications, MeltonStone™ can also be used to add visual contrast and beauty to contemporary designs.

Natural Stone Balustrade Appearance

In creating MeltonStone™ Cast Stone , natural stone aggregates, sand and cementitious binders are mixed in exacting quantities to create the desired natural stone appearance. The MeltonStone™ composite is then hand cast utilizing our vibra-pack dry casting method to form each balustrade component. The stone is then hand finished and seasoned to harden the composition. After finishing and inspection by our stone casting artisans, our MeltonStone™ Balustrades are shrink-wrapped and foam protected for safe job site delivery.

Impeccable Cast Stone Quality

MeltonStone™ has excellent density and water absorption characteristics, and meets or exceeds the specifications of the Cast Stone Institute for quality and manufacture. MeltonStone™ cast stone also provides a smoother and more consistent surface texture, and a higher surface density than precast concrete, or other wet cast products.

Balustrade and Architectural Design Coordination

To assist the design professional with complete coordination of design elements, we also offer the complete line of MeltonStone™ Architectural Products listed below. For applications where weight is a consideration, we can color match our MeltonStone™ cast stone balustrades and architectural products for combination with our FiberCrete™ glass fiber reinforced concrete architectural columns and cornice mouldings.

MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Balustrades are the industry standard for quality and durability, yet they are affordably priced. For the finest in quality and design in cast stone architectural products specify MeltonStone™ by Melton Classics.

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Design #DimensionBaluster
MSHR-104-110″ x 4 1/4″MSB-636-02, MSB-636-02S
MSHR-073-37″ x 3″
MSHR-093-69″ x 3″
MSHR-105-410″ x 5″MSB-636-02, MSB-636-02S
Design #DimensionBaluster
MSFR-CO-017″ x 9″MSB-636-02, MSB-636-02S, MSB-524-01,
MSB-842-06, MSB-742-02, MSB-742-02S
MSFR-C3-017″ x 9″MSB-636-02, MSB-636-02S, MSB-524-01,
MSB-842-06, MSB-742-02, MSB-742-02S
MSFR-og-017″ x 9″MSB-636-02, MSB-636-02S, MSB-524-01,
MSB-842-06, MSB-742-02, MSB-742-02S
MeltonStone™ Balustrade Spacing and System Weight Guide
Design NumberSystem Wt. Per Ft.Std. Newel Post Wt.O.C. Space for 4″ CodeRadius Rails & Radius StairsMinimum RadiusMaintenance Free Paint




6 7/8″


Maint. Free




8 3/16″


Maint. Free