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FiberLite™ Pergolas and Arbors from Melton Classics are an elegant way to provide shade, and enhance and define your outdoor living and entertainment areas.

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FiberLite™ Pergolas and Arbors

FiberLite™ Pergolas and Arbors from Melton Classics are an elegant way to provide shade, and enhance and define your outdoor living and entertainment areas. Whether you desire a classic garden pergola with climbing vines and flowers, or an inviting poolside enclave, FiberLite Pergolas and Arbors provide a beautiful and functional addition to your home.

Fiberglass Pergolas and Arbors are Crafted with Quality

Crafted with fiberglass purlins and rafters and gracefully supported by your choice of our huge selection of authentic architectural columns, FiberLite™ Pergolas and Arbors are built to perform better, last longer, and have a lower lifetime cost that any pergola product on the market.

Superior Purlin and Rafter Materials

When engineering our FiberLite™ Pergola and Arbor systems, fiberglass was selected for the purlins and rafters because it is the perfect material of choice due to its many superior characteristics. The superior strength to weight ratio, which exceeds that of steel, makes fiberglass superior in strength to all other pergola materials. Due to the superior strength of the fiberglass components FiberLite™ Pergolas and Arbors are able to span further, 18 feet, between columns without risk of deformation. Our durable fiberglass purlins and rafters are also impervious to insects, rot and corrosion. They also will not twist, sag or bow due to variations in temperature and extreme weather conditions like the inferior wood, PVC, or vinyl materials used in lesser pergola products. They also hold paint well making them essentially maintenance free when painted with Duration by Sherwin Williams.

Custom Pergola and Arbor Designs and Colors

Custom pergola and arbor designs are our specialty. We can create a classic Pergola to fit your exact application and layout regardless of the size and shape, rafter tail design, or the design and number of architectural columns you desire. Literally the only limitation to the pergola we can create for your home is your imagination. Select from our four standard classic rafter tail designs, or we can customize your own rafter tail design.

Our pergolas are available free standing or attached to your home on one or more sides. FiberLite™ pergolas are also engineered so you can run electrical wiring to allow the addition of ceiling fans, lighting, or electrical outlets. For additional shade you may also increase the number of purlins in your design. Fiberlite™ pergolas are also available in a wide variety of colors, or we can match your paint color to allow complete coordination of your architectural elements. We also can ship your pergola unfinished for field applied finishing. For painting of our pergolas and architectural columns, we use Duration paint by Sherwin Williams.

Simple Low Cost Pergola and Arbor Installation

Ease of Installation is engineered into every FiberLite™ pergola. Supplied prefinished in your choice of color, and manufactured to your custom dimensions, every FiberLite™ pergola or arbor is supplied complete with detailed installation instructions, stainless steel hardware, and your choice in architectural column design. This complete custom designed pergola system is designed so that it can be installed by the homeowner without a large installation crew, or costly specialized equipment. The light weight of the fiberglass purlins and rafters also adds stability to the pergola, and simplifies and further reduces the cost of installation. Also due to the strength of our fiberglass purlins and rafters, longer spans between columns can reduce the number of columns necessary for your design.

Prefinished Architectural Columns with Your Pergola

Our FiberLite™ Pergolas and Arbors are available with our exclusive MarbleTex™ or RusticStone™ prefinished synthetic stone columns for a beautiful and worry free pergola experience. Crafted in our exclusive integrally colored Synthetic Stone these durable prefinished columns are available in a wide variety of colors to enhance any color scheme. Whether your ideal pergola design calls for an ornate Corinthian column, or a classic Tuscan design, we have the ideal architectural column design to add beauty and shade to your outdoor living and entertainment spaces. Also available are our lifetime warranty DuraClassic™ columns which can be supplied painted with Duration paint to match or contrast with your rafters and purlins.

To add the ultimate outdoor living and entertainment enclave to your home contact one of our experienced architectural products specialists for a quote for a FiberLite™ Pergola or Arbor by Melton Classics.

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