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Melton Classics provides you the most extensive selection of fiberglass column covers in the industry with our FRP Classic™ fiberglass columns line.

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Architectural Columns & Balustrades by Melton Classics
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FRP Classic™ Fiberglass Column Covers

Melton Classics provides you the most extensive selection of fiberglass column covers in the industry with our FRP Classic™ fiberglass columns line. Whether your building needs require round column covers, square column covers, tapered column covers or a simple cylindrical column cover, Melton Classics can create FRP Classic™ fiberglass columns to enhance your design, meet your budget, and fit your column cover application needs.

Huge Selection of Fiberglass Columns

Our large selection of standard fiberglass column covers, allows us to provide your architectural column needs at a lower cost by eliminating the added expense of tooling and mold charges, and allows you to select the ideal fiberglass column covers for your design. The custom manufacture of fiberglass columns is our specialty, the only limit to the fiberglass column covers we can create for you is your imagination. For a quotation on fiberglass column covers in your historical or unique custom design, call one of our column specialists at 800-963-3060 for a free consultation and quotation.

Only the Finest Materials Go Into Our Fiberglass Columns

FRP Classic fiberglass column covers are hand crafted using only high quality fire rated polyester resins which meet stringent ASTM E 84-01 flame spread and smoke requirements. These durable fiberglass columns are reinforced with fiberglass for strength, and are coated with the the highest quality gelcoats. You can be assured that only the finest resnins, glass and gelcoats are used in the manufacture of our FRP Classic fiberglass column covers.

Easy Column Cover Installation

In order to simplify your fiberglass column covers installation and help you reduce installation labor and cost, Melton Classics can provide your FRP Classic column covers with one of several easy to install column shaft joint configurations. The shafts of your fiberglass columns can be provided with your choice of an overlap joint, a recessed tape joint, or a reveal joint. We can even supply color matched snap-in shaft reveal covers to fill your colored gelcoat column cover joints.

Coordination of Your Fiberglass Columns, Cornices and Balustrade

We offer our FRP Classic™ Fiberglass Columns in split for reassembly in several finishes and textures to allow you to create the design look you desire. These durable fiberglass column covers may be provided in a variety of finish options. They can be manufactured primed for paint finish, finished with a smooth paintable white gelcoat, custom gelcoated in solid colors, or crafted to simulate stone or masonry columns. Textures can also be manufactured into the surface of your columns to enhance the look and feel of your FRP Classic™ fiberglass column covers. For coordination of your design elements, Melton Classics can also provide matching fiberglass cornice, or GFRC architectural elements to match your fiberglass column covers. With over 200 standard cornice moulding profiles to choose from, you can select the ideal fiberglass cornice for your design and budget.

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