American Porch, LLC -6″ 3-pc. Porch Rail System, Cedar


Our second-most popular wood porch rail system, this setup still allows for easy installation with all fasteners hidden.

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6″ 3-pc. Porch Rail System, Cedar

Our second-most popular wood porch rail system, this setup still allows for easy installation with all fasteners hidden.


Price includes all three pieces of the porch rail: Top Rail, Subrail, and Bottom Rail. Made of premium clear Western Cedar.

Use with 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ spindles and balusters. Also can be used with Sawn Balusters.

Sloped Bottom Rail provides better water drainage which helps prevent rot and is recommended for exterior applications. If ordering sloped bottom rail, remember to specify notched spindles/balusters.

Adds 7″ of height to your porch rail system, including a 3″ toe space: to get the right spindle length, take your desired top rail height minus 7″. Example: Top rail height = 32″. 32″ - 7″ = 25″ tall spindles. (order 26″ spindles in this case)

Designed to allow installer to completely hide all fasteners. Optional Rail Installation Hardware includes necessary brackets, screws, and bits to attach your rails to a newel, column, or wall. The heart of the install kit is the aluminum angle brackets which fit neatly and discretely under the Subrail and Bottom Rail or Skirt. Makes installation of our Porch Rail Systems a breeze while saving you trips to the hardware store. Order one Kit for every section of rail. This System has been tested and exceeds the load requirements for guard rail when used with our 4″ and 6″ class Porch Rail Systems. Stair rail kit brackets are custom made in our shop to your exact stair angle. YOU MUST SPECIFY THE RISE/RUN OF YOUR STAIRS when ordering a stair rail kit. For hollow columns such as our FRP columns, you may also need to use toggle bolts (not included).

A note on longer lengths: Lengths 9′ and over cost more per linear foot because of the additional material and manufacturing costs. We recommend ordering the shortest lengths possible for your project. For example, if you have two 5′ lengths, place them in your shopping cart individually instead of doing one 10′ length. This keeps your product and shipping costs down. Note that longer lengths may be made from spliced wood (don’t worry, the joint is the strong point).

Lengths over 11′ feet available upon special request, for an additional charge. Call for details.

PRIMING OPTION (recommended): Premium acrylic primer in flat white available as an option, which allows for immediate installation. Expect some blemishes in the primer from shipping. This is normal and will not affect the finished result when painted after installation.

SHIPPING COST is displayed in shopping cart. Enter Quantity and click “ADD TO CART”.

CURVED RAIL is available. Read This Article and email your measurements to us for an estimate.

Proudly Made in the USA.


Our woodwork is stronger and longer lasting than woodwork produced by others. Why? Because we use better materials

Western Cedar is a great outdoor use wood that has been the standard throughout the US for many decades. Usually when people say simply “cedar”, this is the wood they are referring to. It is highly resistant to decay and very beautiful, and we use only CLEAR Western Cedar so there are NO KNOTS. You simply cannot find a better grade of wood (because it doesn’t exist)! This results in very beautiful, and very stable millwork. Our Western Cedar consists of both Western Red and Incense cedars.

Grades used: We use both CLEAR grades of wood in our railing.

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Rail System Specific Dimensions
6" Porch Rail System6" Porch Rail System4" Porch Rail System4" Porch Rail System
Top Rail5.0001.2503.2501.250
Flat Bottom Rail5.3751.3753.3751.375
Sloped Bottom Rail5.3751.3753.3751.375