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Silencio® - Silent Apt. Style Trolley Operator for Fast Standard Lift Sectional Doors


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Opera RTBH - Trolley Arm Commercial Door Operator

Silencio® - Silent Apt. Style Trolley Operator for Fast Standard Lift Sectional Doors


The Silencio® RTBH-A.06 is a heavy-duty apartment type garage door operator designed for use on properly counter-balanced industrial standard lift sectional doors which possess high-cycling daily frequency requirements.(1)

The RTBH-A.06 smoothly manages Soft-Starts and Soft-Stops, therefore reducing the wear and tear of the complete door system. It also incorporates a drum-band type solenoid brake, a low vibration braking system, as well as other integrated enhancement features which reduce the noise emissions by a magnitude of 4*.

The Manaras-Opera control is based on its legendary Electronic Control Board which delivers high performance and reliability while providing on-board control plus speed managing features.


Electrical Supply: Single-phase powered operator.

Motor: 60Hz high starting torque, continuous-duty, switchless motor, totally enclosed (TEFC or TENV), resilient mounting, protected against overload.

Speed Managing Features: Speed managing device provides enhanced performance and speed, with soft-start and soft-stop capabilities.

Reduction: First step in reduction Ax section cogged V-belt drive, additional step by #41 chain and sprockets. Input shaft is 5/8", supported by cast iron flanged pillow block bearings. Output shaft is 1", supported by cast iron flanged pillow block bearings. Offers an opening door travel of 9"/sec and 6"/sec while closing.

Drive and Trolley Assembly: #41 roller chain drive. Dual, 12 gauge, pre-drilled galvanized tracks provided for doors up to 12ft. in height standard. Additional track lengths are available (max. door height acceptable for the operator limit system is 30ft.). Track spacers 3/4" sleeved steel shaft track spacers. Trolley made of cast aluminum alloy with chain tension adjustment device.

Clutch: Friction type, positioned on input shaft, easily adjustable from outside.

Brake: Electrically activated drum-band type solenoid brake. Low vibration breaking system provides positional stability and noise reduction.

Limit System: Rotary-type oil-impregnated steel cams, commercial grade switches. Limit shaft is supported by self-lubricating bronze bushings for increased precision. Remains in time when there is a manual operation or after the motor has been removed.

Accu-cam® Feature: Precise and quick one-handed adjustment of the limits.

Non-Resettable Cycle Counter: 6-digit electro-mechanical counter, mounted inside the control box, counts each complete door cycle providing valuable data for maintenance scheduling.

Corrosion Protection: Frame and control enclosure protected by baked on, long lasting enamel finish. All shafts protected by yellow chromate coating.

Temperature Range: Working temperature between 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F).

Warranty: 2 Years

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