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Alucomex®, has an offer of 30 colors with a thickness of 4 mm, with incredible textures such as wood, surprising mirror colors, electrifying sparkling colors, and the elegance of marble.

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Alutec LLC
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Alucomex® - Aluminum Composite Material

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) ALUTEC® is a fantastic material composed of two excellent aluminum sheets attached to a low-density polyethylene core with a fire-retardant (FR) material, with PVDF paint that gives you a colorful life of up to 20 years, exposed to ultraviolet rays. Alutec® is a North American company with a factory in Mexico. This has allowed us to move of the most important buildings, and our material is certified by ASTM E84 and NFPA 285 standards.

We offer you more than 40 line colors for your construction projects like houses, shops, buildings, hospitals, educational centers, industries, shopping centers, with our three brands.


Aluminium Composite Panel ALUTEC ® is a composite material consisting of two aluminum sheets bonded to a low density polyethylene (LDPE) core made with a flame retardant (FR) blend. Our material offers a higher fire resistance because it is made with low density polyethylene, this material prevents the flames from spreading and limits the production of smoke in case of fire. PVDF finishes, providing a high resistance to the weathering and up to 20 years of color protection when exposed to ultra violet rays.

Alutec is an ideal material for buildings with higher technical requirements such as corporate offices, stadiums, airports, schools, hospitals, etc.


Alutec is an ideal material for:
  • Buildings
  • Corporate offices
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Hospitals, etc.

Because of their quality and manufacturing processes our panels are certified and guaranteed under international standards such as ASTM, offering special qualities such as flame retardation.

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AlutecBasic4 mm62″x196″0.5 mm
AlucomexBasic4 mm61″x196″0.35 mm
AlucomexGloss4 mm61″x196″0.35 mm
AlucomexWoods4 mm48″ x 120″0.35 mm
AlucomexEmbossed Woods4 mm48″ x 120″0.35 mm
AlucomexMarbles4 mm48″ x 120″0.35 mm
AlucomexMirrors4 mm48″ x 120″0.30 mm
AlusignBasic3 mm4×8 ft0.15 / .20 mm