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Linen Chute Doors

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All City Metal, Inc.
54-35 46th Street
Maspeth, NY 11378
Tel: (888) 682-5757

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Linen Chute Doors


Standard Intake Door is 18”x18” Side Hinged. Also available left, right or bottom hinge.
Specifications: Doors are fabricated with type 304 Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Hinges, with a self closing, self latching quite door closing function.
Classified ‘UL’ Class B labeled: 1-1/2 hour fire rated with 30-minute temperature rise of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and a frame suitable for enclosing multiple type chase construction. Doors are provided with key locking devices at each intake door location.
Door trim is embossed ‘LINEN’.

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18x18 15x15 20x20 21x21 24x24
25B18x18 LD/BH 20B15x15 LD/BH 27B20x20 LD/BH 28B21x21 LD/BH 29B24x24 LD/BH
25L-9018×18 LD/LH-90° 20L-9015×15 LD/LH-90° 27L-9020×20 LD/LH-90° 28L-9021×21 LD/LH-90° 29L-9024×24 LD/LH-90°
25L-18018×18 LD/LH-180° 20L-18015×15 LD/LH-180° 27L-18020×20 LD/LH-180° 28L-18021×21 LD/LH-180° 29L-18024×24 LD/LH-180°
25R-9018×18 LD/RH-90° 20R-9015×15 LD/RH-90° 27R-9020×20 LD/RH-90° 28R-9021×21 LD/RH-90° 29R-9024×24 LD/RH-90°
25R-18018×18 LD/RH-180° 20R-18015×15 LD/RH-180° 27R-18020×20 LD/RH-180° 28R-18021×21 LD/RH-180° 29R-18024×24 LD/RH-180°
25B218x18 LD/BH2 20B215x15 LD/BH2 27B220x20 LD/BH2 28B221x21 LD/BH2 29B224x24 LD/BH2
25L2-9018×18 LD/LH2-90° 20L2-9015×15 LD/LH2-90° 27L2-9020×20 LD/LH2-90° 28L2-9021×21 LD/LH2-90° 29L2-9024×24 LD/LH2-90°
25L2-18018×18 LD/LH2-180° 20L2-18015×15 LD/LH2-180° 27L2-18020×20 LD/LH2-180° 28L2-18021×21 LD/LH2-180° 29L2-18024×24 LD/LH2-180°
25R2-9018×18 LD/RH2-90° 20R2-9015×15 LD/RH2-90° 27R2-9020×20 LD/RH2-90° 28R2-9021×21 LD/RH2-90° 29R2-9024×24 LD/RH2-90°
25R2-18018×18 LD/RH2-180° 20R2-18015×15 LD/RH2-180° 27R2-18020×20 LD/RH2-180° 28R2-18021×21 LD/RH2-180° 29R2-18024×24 LD/RH2-180°
25B318x18 LD/BH3 20B315x15 LD/BH3 27B320x20 LD/BH3 28B321x21 LD/BH3 29B324x24 LD/BH3
25L3-9018×18 LD/LH3-90° 20L3-9015×15 LD/LH3-90° 27L3-9020×20 LD/LH3-90° 28L3-9021×21 LD/LH3-90° 29L3-9024×24 LD/LH3-90°
25L3-18018×18 LD/LH3-180° 20L3-18015×15 LD/LH3-180° 27L3-18020×20 LD/LH3-180° 28L3-18021×21 LD/LH3-180° 29L3-18024×24 LD/LH3-180°
25R3-9018×18 LD/RH3-90° 20R3-9015×15 LD/RH3-90° 27R3-9020×20 LD/RH3-90° 28R3-9021×21 LD/RH3-90° 29R3-9024×24 LD/RH3-90°
25R3-18018×18 LD/RH3-180° 20R3-18015×15 LD/RH3-180° 27R3-18020×20 LD/RH3-180° 28R3-18021×21 LD/RH3-180° 29R3-18024×24 LD/RH3-180°
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