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2 Years Parts & Labor/10 Years Structural Warranty

The SD-Series lifts were designed as a step up from the HD series.

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Super Duty (SD) Series Lift Tables

2 Years Parts & Labor/10 Years Structural Warranty

The SD-Series lifts were designed as a step up from the HD series. Many of these models are modified dock lifts so you will notice that the edge loading capabilities are often a higher percentage of the lifting capacity than is typical for smaller lifts.

  • All of the controllers are Underwriter Laboratory listed assemblies.
  • These units are fully primed and finished with a baked enamel finish.
  • The cylinders are machine grade.
  • All pressure hoses are double wire braid with JIC fittings.
  • The reservoirs are mild steel.
  • These units conform to all applicable ANSI codes.

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ModelTravelCapacityStd Min PlatformMaximum EndLoading SideBaseframe SizeLowered HeightRaised HeightSpeed Sec.Motor H.P.Ship Wt.
SD-056085850006′ X 8′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552250
SD-056095850006′ X 9′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552340
SD-056105850006′ X 10′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552430
SD-057085850007′ X 8′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552370
SD-057095850007′ X 9′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552475
SD-057105850007′ X 10′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552580
SD-058085850008′ X 8′3500350060-1/2X 94-1/210682552490
SD-058095850008′ X 9′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552610
SD-058105850008′ X 10′3500350060-1/2X94-1/210682552730
SD-086085880006′ X 8′8000750069 X 89-7/815733053950
SD-086095880006′ X 9′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054040
SD-086105880006′ X 10′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054130
SD-087085880007′ X 8′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054070
SD-087095880007′ X 9′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054175
SD-087105880007′ X 10′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054280
SD-088085880008′ X 8′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054190
SD-088095880008′ X 9′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054310
SD-088105880008′ X 10′8000750069 X 89-7/815733054430
SD-1060858100006′ X 8′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854225
SD-1060958100006′ X 9′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854315
SD-1061058100006′ X 10′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854405
SD-1070858100007′ X 8′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854345
SD-1070958100007′ X 9′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854450
SD-1071058100007′ X 10′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854555
SD-1080858100008′ X 8′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854465
SD-1080958100008′ X 9′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854585
SD-1081058100008′ X 10′10000750069 X 89-7/815733854705
SD-1261058120006′ X 10′120001200068-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155200
SD-1261158120006′ X 11′120001200068-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155320
SD-1261258120006′ X 12′120001200068-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155440
SD-1271058120007′ X 10′120001200080-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155400
SD-1271158120007′ X 11′120001200080-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155540
SD-1271258120007′ X 12′120001200080-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155680
SD-1281058120008′ X 10′120001200092-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155600
SD-1281158120008′ X 11′120001200092-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155760
SD-1281258120008′ X 12′120001200092-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/24155920
SD-1561058150006′ X 10′150001500080-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/25500
SD-1561158150006′ X 11′150001500080-1/2X122-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/25620
SD-1561258150006′ X 12′150001500080-1/2X139-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/25740
SD-1571058150007′ X 10′150001500092-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/25700
SD-1571158150007′ X 11′150001500092-1/2X122-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/25840
SD-1571258150007′ X 12′150001500092-1/2X139-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/25980
SD-1581058150008′ X 10′1500015000104-1/2X118-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/25900
SD-1581158150008′ X 11′1500015000104-1/2X122-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/26060
SD-1581258150008′ X 12′1500015000104-1/2X139-1/216-1/274-1/2387-1/26220
SD-1861058180006′ X 10′180001800080 X 1201876387-1/25800
SD-1861158180006′ X 11′180001800080 X 1241876387-1/25920
SD-1861258180006′ X 12′180001800080 X 1411876387-1/26040
SD-1871058180007′ X 10′180001800092 X 1201876387-1/26000
SD-1871158180007′ X 11′180001800092 X 1241876387-1/26140
SD-1871258180007′ X 12′180001800092 X 1411876387-1/26280
SD-1881058180008′ X 10′1800018000104 X 1201876387-1/26200
SD-1881158180008′ X 11′1800018000104 X 1241876387-1/26360
SD-1881258180008′ X 12′1800018000104 X 1411876387-1/26520
SD-2061058200006′ X 10′20000200006′ X 10′2078387-1/26100
SD-2061158200006′ X 11′20000200006′ X 11′2078387-1/26220
SD-2061258200006′ X 12′20000200006′ X 12′2078387-1/26340
SD-2071058200007′ X 10′20000200007′ X 10′2078387-1/26300
SD-2071158200007′ X 11′20000200007′ X 11′2078387-1/26440
SD-2071258200007′ X 12′20000200007′ X 12′2078387-1/26580
SD-2081058200008′ X 10′20000200008′ X 10′2078387-1/26500
SD-2081158200008′ X 11′20000200008′ X 11′2078387-1/26660
SD-2081258200008′ X 12′20000200008′ X 12′2078387-1/26820