Acorn Wire and Iron Works -No. 139A Wire Mesh Partition


Typical Grouping Of No. 139a Sections

7’-12’ wire mesh partitions

Components-Nominal Sizes

Sheet base type-no. 139A
Special sheet base type for normal industrial use.

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No. 139A Wire Mesh Partition

Typical Grouping Of No. 139a Sections

7’-12’ wire mesh partitions

Components-Nominal Sizes

Sheet base type-no. 139A
Special sheet base type for normal industrial use.
7’, 8’, 9’, 10’ and 12’ standard heights.

Standard Panels:

  • Stock sizes-5’ wide, 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’ and 12’ high.
  • Special heights up to 12’ made to order.

Sliding Door Sections:

  • Stock sizes-3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, and 10’ wide.
  • 7’9” headroom except 6’9”in 7’ high partitions.
  • Special sizes made to order.

Service Window Panels:

  • Stock sizes-24” x 15” standard service window (see page 3) in standard 5’ panels.
  • Special windows and panels made to order.

Hinged Door Sections:

  • Stock sizes-3’, 3’6”, and 4’ wide. 7’ headroomz.
  • Special sizes made to order.

Filler Panels:

  • Special width panel to fill out runs where standard 5’ wide panel cannot be used.
  • Stock sizes-1’, 1’6”, 2’, 2’6”, 3’. 3’6”, 4’, and 4’6” in 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’, and 12’ heights.
  • Special sizes made to order.

Corners And Intersections:

  • Stock sizes-11/4” angle for 90° corner, any height. Clips for three or four way 90° intersection, any height. 1 5/16” O.D.
  • pipe post for other than 90° corner.

All panels and door sections are interchangeable standardized units which can be arranged in any desired combination.
Special sizes and configurations made to order.


Partition shall be Acorn 139A as manufactured by Acorn Wire and Iron Works, LLC.

  • Sheet base type
  • Top panel constructed of 10 gauge steel wire woven into 11/2” diamond mesh, securely clinched to frames
  • Lower panel constructed of 16 gauge formed steel sheet securely bolted to frames
  • Vertical frames to be 11/4” x 5/8” cold rolled ‘C’ section channels with 1/4” bolt holes 12” o.c.
  • Horizontal frames 1” x 1/2” cold rolled channels
  • All joints mortised and tenoned
  • Top capping bar 21/4” x 1” cold rolled channel with 1/4” ‘U’ bolts 2’4” o.c. May be anchored to walls and or ceilings.
  • Corner posts 11/4” x 11/4” angles with 1/4” bolt holes to match partition
  • Floor sockets (aluminum) 21/2” high with set screw adjustment
  • Sliding door frames 11/2” x 3/4” channel with 11/2” x 1/8” flat bar cover all around. Each door to have two 4 wheel roller bearing hangers, box track, and bottom guide channel
  • Hinged door frames 11/4” x 1/2” channel with 11/4” x 1/8” flat bar cover three sides, 1 3/8” x 3/4” x 1/8” angle riveted to lock side. Each door to have 11/2 pairs butt hinges riveted to both door and hinge bar
  • All doors shall have substantial mortise type cylinder locks operated by key outside, recessed knob inside
  • All bolts, hardware, and accessories for complete installation to be included
  • Field bracing furnished by erector
  • Finish, electrostatic sprayed enamel green, gray, black or galvanized.

ACORN Wire and Iron Works is also a national leader in manufacturing wire mesh partitions. Designed to prohibit foot traffic, these tough partitions are available with the strength of 10-gauge wire, providing security and protection from break-ins and vandalism for many environments.

ACORN’s wire mesh product line includes both standard and custom panels, doors, service windows and corners designed to simplify partition arrangement in a variety of applications. Key uses include school equipment lockers, co-location facilities and multi-family building storage areas. Manufactured from 100% carbon-neutral, recycled steel, the product also qualifies for LEED points.

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