AMX by Harman - DVX-2100HD 6x2 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, UDM Inputs)

DVX-2100HD 6x2 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, UDM Inputs)Description2 DVI-I Outputs, 2x25 W AmpPart #FG1905-04OVERVIEWThe...

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AMX by Harman
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DVX-2100HD 6x2 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, UDM Inputs)

DVX-2100HD 6x2 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, UDM Inputs)


2 DVI-I Outputs, 2x25 W Amp

Part #



The DVX-2100HD Enova® All-In-One Presentation Switcher combines all of the components you need to control/automate any environment into a simple, flexible, comprehensive solution including control, multi-format inputs, video switching, transcoding and scaling, local and remote distribution, plus audio mixing, and amplification - all in a single box. The new and improved DVX features two independent DVI-I Digital and Analog video outputs enabling digital video to be delivered to two separate displays.


The DVX-2100HD is an ideal presentation solution when used to simplify A/V control and distribution in sophisticated presentation environments and conference rooms, including those supporting audio and video conferencing. It also fits well in classrooms and auditoriums that need multiple displays, or video previewing.


  • SmartScale Up to Higher Resolutions – The DVX can automatically communicate with newly connected display devices to determine native resolutions and can up convert any input signals beyond HD resolutions up to 1920x1200.
  • Commands Signal Management Flexibility – Over 200 input signal combinations of DVI , RGB, Component, S-Video, and Composite. Don't worry about having too many of one signal style or not enough of another – just grab an adapter cable and go. Digital never looked so good.
  • Simplifies Setup & Saves Time and Money – The DVX-2100HD is a total environment solution that eliminates the need for separate devices, thus reducing connectivity time, integration time, hardware installation time, and that all reduces your overall cost.
  • Saves Energy – Includes features that dramatically reduce energy utilization. Use the interactive DVX Energy Savings Calculator to estimate savings for your particular configuration
  • Maximizes Video Productivity – Built-in transcoding and scaling automatically optimizes the management of all your video input and output challenges.
  • Provides Quality Audio Processing – Built-in audio mixing and amplification that outputs two channels at 25 Watts each into 8 Ohms or 75 Watts at 70 V or 100 V after passing through a mixer and an integrated 7-band equalizer to accommodate the size, furnishings, surfaces and functionality requirements in every room. There's also a stereo line level output with its own mixing and equalization settings.
  • Superior Integrated Control – Includes the same quality and reliability you have come to demand with the equivalent of a NetLinx NI-2100 central controller. The DVX also includes a front control panel for an added level of convenience. The DVX comes complete with our standard RS-232, IR, digital I/O and relay control ports for control over environment and third-party equipment.
  • Simplifies Wiring and Installation – Integrating all of this into a single box has obvious advantages over the connectivity challenges associated with wiring up as many as a dozen separate devices, not including source devices.
  • Offers Remote Connectivity via Twisted Pair – Connect up to two remote A/V sources over twisted pair cable up to 50 meters (150 feet) away using UDM transport technology also found in AMX Endeleo products. And take advantage of the HydraPort retractable cable connection port plus the UPX universal transmitter wallplates to get the job done with class.

AMX by Harman
3000 Research Drive
Richardson, TX 75082
US Phone: (800) 222-0193
International Phone: +1 (469) 624-7400
Fax: (469) 624-7153
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