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AFTEC’s security walls feature strong high strength steel reinforced by precast concrete, making it the superior solution for protecting substation equipment and other sensitive infrastructure.

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Precast Concrete Security Walls & Fences

AFTEC’s security walls feature strong high strength steel reinforced by precast concrete, making it the superior solution for protecting substation equipment and other sensitive infrastructure.

Security Fences are wall structures built around a wide variety of infrastructures to protect from encroachment, theft, vandalism, and attack. Diverse types of materials are used for security fences such as chain link, wrought iron, and various forms of concrete security walls. One such form is masonry blocks, poured in place.

Often, security fences will also incorporate additional items on tops such as barbed wire and razor ribbon to deter people from climbing over and entering facilities. Other security components such as lighting and cameras are also used. Solid concrete security fences are rapidly becoming the necessary choice for added protection, due to the items mentioned and the growing threat of terrorism compromising critical infrastructure, particularly where electrical substations are concerned.

Precast Security Fence Applications

Security fences serve many different needs. With our changing world, critical infrastructure must be protected and there is no better material than concrete. Most security walls typically start at heights of eight feet and higher. When taller walls are required, precast concrete fences become much more competitive than masonry block due to the added cost differential of continuous foundations required for concrete block security walls versus the added cost of spaced out caisson footing required for precast concrete security walls. Additionally, precast concrete security fences install faster than masonry, and can fulfill a wide array of applications.

Chain link and wrought iron, the traditional materials used for security fences, do not provide as much resistance to entry as concrete security fences do. Over the years, as copper wire prices have soared, many electrical installations have been breached by thieves cutting through chain link to obtain the copper, and in some cases, have suffered death as a result. Solid precast concrete barriers offer the strongest resistance to entry.

Concrete security walls can be installed around:

  • Utility Plants: AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Security Walls have aided in protecting the nation’s energy sector assets by installing many security walls around utilities and substations, including the infamous attack in 2013 of the Metcalf Transmission Substation in Northern California.
  • Private Communities: Security walls help keep families and communities safe from intrusion, theft, and other dangers.
  • Municipal Assets: Airports, waste districts, industrial waste, parks, and other municipal sites gain greater protection from solid wall installations.
  • Commercial Facilities: Logistics centers, distribution warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail facilities benefit from the added security.
Concrete Security Wall Design & Installation

Once a security wall is required, AFTEC gathers all relevant information for the project including all criteria to build a safe, long-lasting perimeter surrounding the site. This includes wind loads, soil types, seismic conditions, site topography, and underground and overhead obstructions. This information will be analyzed by AFTEC’s Design and Engineering Team. The wall will then be completely designed, including any requested add-ons and submitted to the owner for approval. Upon the owner’s approval, the security wall will is for production and installation.

Installation Process

AFTEC has two security wall systems:

The StoneTree® System which is manufactured with the column and panel integrally cast as a single component wall section, installed on to concrete caissons with embedded rigid structural steel supports set in caisson footings. This method enhances the speed of construction dramatically over traditional precast systems and masonry block. It can be used on height applications up to 16 feet and is also very advantageous when overhead obstructions such as power lines and other obstacles are a concern, due to the wall sections capable of being installed laterally, rather than being lifted to the height of the wall and dropped down into place.

The SoundTec™ Wall System is built as a traditional precast wall using separate columns and panels that are stacked on top of each other. This wall can be built with either concrete or steel support columns and can , to any desired height. The panels can have formed texture on one or both sides and can be produced with an absorptive noise coating on one side.

Features of AFTEC’s Security Fences:
  • Solid, strong, manufactured with high strength steel reinforced concrete
  • Protects the line of sight of substation equipment and other sensitive infrastructure
  • Can be manufactured with embedded attachments for security apparatus, such as barbed wire, cameras, lighting etc.
  • The conduit can be cast into the wall for electrical supply
  • Built-in noise protection for surrounding areas
  • Ballistic resistant
  • Wind, weather, and fire resistant
  • Can be built to max heights exceeding 32 feet if required
  • Quick installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Decorative for areas where an aesthetically pleasing look is required

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