AFC Industries -Electronically Height Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Desk


Model: CAT-7272
SKU 772394
Name: Ergo Tier FX

Category: computer work stations | furniture | standing desks...

MasterFormat: Furniture | Institutional Furniture | Healthcare Furniture

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Electronically Height Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Desk

Model: CAT-7272
SKU 772394
Name: Ergo Tier FX

A leading innovation in radiology furniture, Ergo Tier- electronically height adjustable corner desk is equipped with multiple monitor arms that can support 3 LCD flat screen monitors, lockable caster wheels and bottom table shelf.

Unparalleled in radiology workstation precision engineering. AFC's Ergo Tier FX is top-of-the-line in technological advancement, exceeding standards and providing optimal comfort to serve the demands of medical and radiology healthcare providers. At a push of a button, the desk height can be set to either sit or stand position, the monitor mounts are also independently height adjustable and adapts to any angle with its tilt and swivel monitor arms.

Standing position is now more favored by professionals as it alleviates most issues concerned with prolonged sitting thus enhancing productivity and well-being. This ergonomically designed equipment provides the most suitable adjustments to meet the demands of various preferences.

Height Adjustable Ergo Tier Corner Desk
  • Electronically height adjustable corner desk
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • Multiple monitor mount
  • Bottom shelf

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