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Hamilton Park® Vinyl Siding

General Description: Hamilton Park® siding is appropriate for use in new construction for single family homes, multihousing projects and light commercial developments. Hamilton Park is also an ideal product for remodeling.

Colors: Hamilton Park siding profiles are available in the industry’s widest selection of colors. All colors are Spectrophotometer controlled and utilize exclusive PermaColor™ color science.

STUDfinder™: The patented STUDfinder Installation System combines precisely engineered nail slot locations with graphics. Nail slots are positioned 16" on center to allow for alignment with studs. STUDfinder graphics centered at each slot provide a quick and easy guide to help locate studs.

RigidForm™: Hamilton Park RigidForm 135 double nail hem technology stiffens siding for a straighter-on-the-wall appearance and provides wind load performance.

Lock: Designed for ease of installation, Hamilton Park siding panels feature a post-formed lock popular with installers for its locking assurance and trouble-free handling.

Accessories: CertainTeed manufactures a wide range of siding accessories which are compatible with Hamilton Park siding styles and colors. Accessory products include installation components, soffit, window and door trim, corner lineals, corner systems and decorative moldings.

Composition: Hamilton Park siding products are produced using CertaVin™ custom-formulated PVC resin. This resin is produced exclusively by CertainTeed, allowing CertainTeed to maintain the high quality of its siding products. CertainTeed’s Hamilton Park siding is in compliance with the ASTM Specification for Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) siding D 3679.

Technical Data: Hamilton Park siding meets the weathering standard in ASTM D 3679 using ASTM D 1435 procedure. As shown in Table 1, Hamilton Park siding is in compliance with ASTM Fire and Smoke procedures and meets or exceeds International Building Code requirements.

Important Fire Safety Information: When rigid vinyl siding is exposed to significant heat or flame, the vinyl will soften, sag, melt or burn, and may thereby expose material underneath. Care must be exercised when selecting underlayment materials because many underlayment materials are made from organic materials that are combustible. You should ascertain the fire properties of underlayment materials prior to installation. All materials should be installed in accordance with local, state and federal Building Code and fire regulations.

Wind Load Testing: CertainTeed Hamilton Park siding has been tested per ASTM D 5206 standard test method for resistance to negative wind load pressures of 48 psf, which equates to more than 164 mph, when installed with nails, positioned 16" on center. Check with your local building inspector for wind load requirements in your area on the type of structure you are building.

Documents: CertainTeed Hamilton Park Siding meets the requirements of one or more of the following specifications: Texas Department of Insurance Product Evaluation EC-11 - Conforms to UBC Standard 14-2
New York City Approval MEA #285-93M, 284-93-M - Conforms to ASTM Specification D3679
Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved NOA 07.0716.01 - Conforms to ASTM Specification D4477
Florida BCIS Approval FL1573
ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1066

For specific product evaluation/approval information, call 800-233-8990.

Installation: Prior to commencing work, verify governing dimensions of building, examine, clean and repair, if necessary, any adjoining work on which the siding is in any way dependent for its proper installation. Sheathing materials must have an acceptable working surface. Siding, soffit and accessories shall be installed in accordance with the latest editions of CertainTeed installation manuals on siding and soffit. Installation manuals are available from CertainTeed and its distributors.

Warranty: CertainTeed supports Hamilton Park siding products with a Lifetime Limited Warranty including PermaColor Lifetime Fade Protection to the original homeowner. The warranty is transferable if the home is sold.

Technical Services: Wolverine maintains an Architectural Services staff to assist building professionals with questions regarding Wolverine siding products. Call 800-233-8990 for samples and answers to technical or installation questions.

Sample Short Form Specification: Siding as shown on drawings or specified herein shall be Hamilton Park® Vinyl Siding as manufactured by CertainTeed Corporation, Valley Forge, PA. The siding shall have a .040" nominal thickness. Installation shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Three-part Format Specifications: Long form specifications in three-part format are available from CertainTeed by calling our Architectural Services Staff at 800-233-8990. These specifications are also available on our website at www.certainteed.com.