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Compass Go iPad App

Combining the key functionalities of the Compass software and the simplicity and mobility of the iPad, Compass Go makes system setup and tuning much easier and more intuitive.

Simply download the app for free from the Apple App Store, connect it to a Galileo, Galileo Callisto, or Galileo GALAXY processor on the same Wi-Fi network, and you can seamlessly and accurately optimize your sound system using the following features in the Galileo, Galileo Callisto, and Galileo GALAXY Processors:

  • Adjust system delay, gain, and mute
  • Manage U-Shaping, TruShaping, and parametric EQ filter sets
  • See current parameters status and any adjustments made at any control point
  • Recall snapshots of prior user settings
  • Create, edit, and store new snapshot settings in the individual processors
  • Move about freely without a laptop as you listen for the array coverage and quality from different seats

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