Wiremold -RC3 Multi-Service Poke-Thru Device


Flush Style Poke-Thru Devices from Legrand are an excellent solution for bringing power, communication, and audio/video services to the workstation in an open space, above-grade floor environment.

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RC3 Multi-Service Poke-Thru Device

Flush Style Poke-Thru Devices from Legrand are an excellent solution for bringing power, communication, and audio/video services to the workstation in an open space, above-grade floor environment. All Legrand Flush Style Poke-Thru Devices come with built-in TopGuard protection, an industry-leading design that meets and exceeds UL scrub water exclusion requirements for tile and carpet floors. Topguard protection prevents water, dirt, or debris from entering not just the power devices, but also the communication devices. All Legrand Flush Style Poke-Thru Devices can be installed on tile, carpet, or wood covered floors. Each of these devices provides an excellent solution for both new or retrofit construction, with typical applications that include office buildings, airports, malls, shopping centers, libraries, and schools.

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  • TopGuard protection. An integral design which keeps out water, dirt, and debris from the power and communication compartments. Whenever you see the TopGuard protection icon applied to any Wiremold product, you will know that the product meets and exceeds the new UL scrub water exclusion requirement.

  • Multiple service capability. Eliminates cost of second poke-thru when high capacity communication service, in addition to power service, is required.

  • UL Listed and UL Fire Classified to U.S. and Canadian safety standards for tile, terrazzo, and the future UL requirements under UL514A and UL514C for the scrub water exclusion test for carpet and wood floors. This future requirement takes effect June, 2003.

  • The 20A duplex receptacle can be wired as a standard receptacle or isolated ground. Provides wiring flexibility with a single unit. Meets UL Federal Specification WC596 requirements.

  • New brushed aluminum flange option. Provides additional color options for better aesthetics.

  • Flush profile. Only poke-thru in the industry to accept UTP and fiber optic connectors in a flush design. No obtrusive flip lids.

  • Retrofit kits available to allow existing installations of RC3 Series Devices to meet new scrub water exclusion requirements. Allows for uniform aesthetics, and scrub water compliance between old and new installations.

  • Individual slide covers and "Dead-front" protection. Slide covers protect power and communication devices. Power slide covers snap back into place when receptacle is not in use to prevent water, dirt, and debris from entering device. Flexibility to activate either power or communication services simultaneously or individually.

  • "Step-on-it" installation. Allows quick and simple installation without additional fasteners. Labor savings by eliminating the need for a second installer. All wiring can be completed at the floor level.

  • Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point-of-use. A wide selection of data and bezel options available for use with Ortronics ® TracJack ® and Series II devices.

  • Meets ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Even though ADA does not specifically cover floor boxes or poke-thru devices, the wide trim flange on the product is designed to meet the ADA Accessibility Guidelines as it pertains to ADA Standard 4.5 which addresses changes in ground and floor surface levels. The poke-thru trim flanges are beveled so the slope is no greater than a 1:2 ratio.

  • Suitable for use in air handling spaces in accordance with Sec 300-22 (c) of the National Electrical Code.