TUFFLEX Polymers -UREA-TUFF 6500-PT - Base Coat

Product Description UREA-TUFF 6500-PT is a two component, fast setting, rapid curing and solvent free Aliphatic Polyurea Elastomeric Coating. It is designed for pedestrian deck resurfacing.

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UREA-TUFF 6500-PT - Base Coat

Product Description

UREA-TUFF 6500-PT is a two component, fast setting, rapid curing and solvent free Aliphatic Polyurea Elastomeric Coating. It is designed for pedestrian deck resurfacing. UREA-TUFF 6500-PT can be applied to properly prepared interior or exterior concrete, plywood and metal surfaces. It is suitable for application in temperatures as low as 32°F and is rather insensitive to moisture.

General Information

Composition: Liquid applied, two-component, flexible, extremely low odor, hybrid polyurea elastomeric coating.

Basic Uses: For waterproofing walking decks, roof eyebrows, mechanical room floors, etc. Designed for pedestrian traffic.

Limitations: All surfaces must be completely free of foreign matter and primed with TUFF-POXY EPOXY PRIMER. UREA-TUFF 6500-PT has a relatively short work life, so once it is mixed, the coating must be poured onto the surface and applied immediately.

Colors: Concrete Grey and Tan. Custom matched colors are available with minimum required quantities.

Sizes: Available in 4.5 gallon kits and one gallon units (0.9 gal net).

Product Installation

Surface Preparation: All surfaces which are to receive UREA-TUFF 6500-PT shall be free of contamination such as water, curing compounds, hardeners, bond breakers, paint, etc. Power trowel followed by a light broom finish is recommended for concrete surfaces. It is desirable to watercure concrete in lieu of using curing compounds. The concrete surface must be thoroughly cleaned by shot-blasting, acid etching or mechanical grinding (followed by neutralizing), with the thorough removal of any resulting residue.

Except for non-moving shrinkage cracks, all other cracks must be sealed with UREA-TUFF 6500-PT and taped with 4” TUFF-TAPE Polyester Reinforcing Fabric. All surfaces, as required, must be primed with TUFF-POXY EPOXY PRIMER prior to application of the coating system at a rate of 250-350 square feet per gallon.

Application: Lightly stir the A-Component (pigmented side) for 2-3 minutes using a Jiffy mixing blade to evenly distribute the pigments that may have settled to the bottom of the container. Then pour the “B” Component (clear side) into the “A” Component. Scrape the container to drain all the “B” Component into the “A” Component. Mix thoroughly using a Jiffy mixing blade attached to a low speed drill to a uniform color without any streaks. Mix for 2-3 minutes. Once mixed, immediately pour UREA-TUFF 6500-PT onto the surface of the substrate.

Use a notched squeegee to evenly apply the material, then backroll using a short-nap roller to break air bubbles. NOTE: Higher temperatures will reduce the work life. UREA-TUFF 6500-PT shall be applied to the primed surface at a rate of 1 ½ gallons per 100 square feet. Following a minimum 6 hour cure time of the first coat, apply a second coat of the UREA-TUFF 6500-PT at the minimum rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet and while the coating is in a fluid condition, broadcast desired 20/16 mesh aggregate at the rate of 12-20 lbs per 100 square feet. Thoroughly encapsulate aggregate by uniformly backrolling. For heavier pedestrian use areas retreat the application of 1 gallon of UREA-TUFF 6500-PT plus aggregate.

Allow 24 to 72 hours cure time (depending on ambient and substrate temperature) before allowing moderate traffic on the finished topcoat.


Since, as with all deck coatings, the topcoat is subject to staining by such foreign matter as nitrates, fertilizers, hard water, and other substances, it must be maintained. Please refer to the Maintenance Manual for proper maintenance procedures. The manufacturer is not liable for staining caused by hard water deposits, nitrates, fertilizers and other foreign matter.

If UREA-TUFF 6500-PT is damaged, it can be repaired by abrading the surface, cleaning the surface with acetone or xylene and recoating it with the UREA-TUFF 6500-PT coating.

Warnings & Hazards

Before using the products, always refer to MSDS for important warnings and safety information. Use only in areas with adequate ventilation. Avoid breathing vapors. Keep away from heat and flame. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In the event of skin contact, remove immediately and wash with warm, soapy water. Wear suitable eye protection. Always wash hands before eating. This material is for professional use only.

Limited Warranty

TUFFLEX POLYMERS (TUFFLEX) warrants this product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials only at the time of shipment from our factory. If any TUFFLEX materials prove to contain manufacturing defects that substantially affect their performance, TUFFLEX will, at its option, replace the materials or refund its purchase price.

This limited warranty is the only warranty extended by TUFFLEX with respect to its materials. There are no other warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. TUFFLEX specifically disclaims liability for any incidental, consequential, or other damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits or damages to a structure or its contents, arising under any theory of law whatsoever.

The dollar value of TUFFLEX’s liability and buyer’s remedy under this limited warranty shall not exceed the purchase price of the TUFFLEX material in question.

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Technical Data
Work Life15-25 minutes@77°F, 50% R.H.
Cure Time (Initial)2-4 hours@77°F, 50% R.H.
Viscosity at 77°F33±5 poiseBrookfield
Weight per gallon
9.3 pounds
8.3 pounds
Percent Solids Content100% (weight)
100% (volume)
ASTM D-2369
Hardness80 Shore A ± 3ASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength3200 psi ± 300ASTM D-412
Percent Elongation450% ± 50ASTM D-412
Adhesive Peel Strength on Primed Concrete35 pliASTM D-903
Water Absorption1.2% by weightASTM D-471
Moisture Vapor Transmission3.9 permsASTM E-96
Chemical Resistance (Commonly encountered acids, salts, and oils)Superior ResistanceD-3476
Abrasion Resistance2 mg. wt. lossASTM D-4060
30 dry mil film on 4”x4” metal
C-17 wheel, 1000 rev., 1000 gr. weight
Tear Resistance280 pli ± 30ASTM D-624
V.O.C Content0 grams/literCalculated
U.V. Stability (2000 Hours)No cracking or crazingQ Panel Weather-O-Meter