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Product Description TUFFLEX 4260-SF is a two-component, liquid-applied hybrid polyurea elastomer designed for use as a mix-in-the-bucket, but yet rapid-curing, monolithic waterproofing membrane.

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TUFFLEX 4260-SF - Base Coat

Product Description

TUFFLEX 4260-SF is a two-component, liquid-applied hybrid polyurea elastomer designed for use as a mix-in-the-bucket, but yet rapid-curing, monolithic waterproofing membrane.

TUFFLEX 4260-SF has good chemical and water resistance and is often suitable for use in waterproofing assemblies designed for water immersion conditions (with appropriate geotextile reinforcement and cement mortar top coat). The cured membrane possesses the necessary elongation and tensile strength to span hairline substrate cracks.

General Information

Composition: TUFFLEX 4260-SF is a solvent-free, two-component, liquid-applied, aromatic polyurea-polyurethane elastomer containing no coal tar or asphaltic extenders.

Basic Uses: TUFFLEX 4260-SF is designed for use as a high mil thickness, liquid-applied, high solids elastomeric waterproofing membrane for concrete, plywood, or metallic substrates.


  • Base coat on vehicular decks, pedestrian walkways, patios and helipads.
  • High performance between slab waterproofing system for parking decks or roof decks.
  • Waterproofing under kitchen, laundry, bathroom floors and shower pans.
  • Used as a higher hardness sealant or bedding compound in a multitude of applications.
  • Waterproofing inside planter boxes and as a geotextile fabric reinforced membrane for reflective pools.
  • Waterproofing under tile, terrazzo or wood floors.
  • Waterproofing protection for subgrade structures and tunnels.
  • Secondary containment buried membrane around storage tanks.

Limitations: Containers that have been opened should be used within several days. Opened pails should be purged with nitrogen prior to resealing lids. TUFFLEX 4260-SF is not intended for long term exterior exposure without application of a suitable topping or protective layer. When used in an exposed membrane system, an approved Tufflex Aliphatic Polyurea top coat should be applied to prevent UV discoloration.

Shelf Life: Nine (9) months when continuously stored in the original metal pails at a temperature less than 80°F. Six (6) months in plastic pails.
Product Installation

Surface Preparation: All surfaces to be coated with TUFFLEX 4260-SF must be free of all contamination including oil, grease, concrete curing compounds, paint and dirt. New concrete surfaces should be shotblasted, sandblasted or mechanically scarified to remove laitance and impurities. (High Pressure-wash with water or power vacuum in order to remove all cleaning contaminants). New concrete should be cured for a minimum of 28 days and should have a minimum of 3000 psi compressive strength. The only permissible concrete curing agents (if used) are of the pure sodium silicate type. Other proposed curing agents will require the prior written approval of TUFFLEX.

Priming: Most application conditions require priming. Use TUFF-POXY Primer # 1 (solvent free) or TUFF-POXY Primer # 3 (low VOC solvent based) epoxy primers. Allow the primer to properly cure or dry prior to application of the TUFFLEX 4260-SF membrane system. Apply the primers at the rate of 250-350 square feet per mixed gallon.

6.1. Thorough mixing of Part A with Part B is critical to successful application and should be performed with a slow speed power mixer such as a model KOL mixer with a ½ h.p. motor @ 60 rpm or equivalent mixer equipped with a “Jiffy” type mixing blade. Do not mix at high speeds or use an air-entraining paddle mixer.
6.2. The mixed material has an approximate pot life of 15 to 20 minutes at 70°F; higher temperatures will shorten the pot life.
6.3. Hand mix or machine mix Part A for 2 minutes in its separate container. Pour all of Part B into the container of Part A and mix 1-2 minutes, taking care that the sides and bottom of the mixing pail are scraped.
6.4. After mixing, apply the material as desired. It may be applied by notched squeegee, notched trowel or heavy duty roller.
6.5. The thickness of the applied membrane will vary with specific use requirements. However, an average thickness of 60 mils (approximately 1/16 inch) is recommended. Four gallons of the mixed material applied at a thickness of 60 mils should cover an area of 100 square feet (with no allowance for loss or wastage).
6.6. Application should not commence unless the ambient temperature is 45°F or higher and should not proceed during inclement weather.
6.7. TUFFLEX 4260-SF may also be spray applied using appropriate two-component urethane dispensing equipment (e.g. Grayco, Binks, etc.).
6.8. TUFFLEX 4260-SF will attain its initial set within 2 to 3 hours however it will remain slightly tacky to the touch.
6.9. If multiple coats of TUFFLEX 4260-SF are desired and if the first coat is dirty or lost its surface tack solvent wiping is recommended to remove dirt or contamination prior to additional applications Do not use lacquer thinner but an approved urethane-grade solvent such as xylene or acetone. Do not puddle cleaning solvents. Allow the solvent to fully evaporate prior to applying additional coats. Allow prior applications of TUFFLEX 4260-SF to cure for at least 4 hours, and until firm, before recoating with additional materials.


If an ELASTA-TUFF 6000-AL coated surface is damaged, it can be repaired by light sanding or by scrubbing with industrial soap and water, followed by a thorough rinse with water. Follow this with a solvent wipe with acetone or xylene and TUFFLEX 7113 penetrating cleaner. When the surface is dry, apply additional ELASTA-TUFF 6000-AL.

Warnings & Hazards

This product contains isocyanates and low viscosity amine chain extenders. Read the container-warning labels carefully. Exposure to Isocyanates may cause allergic skin and respiratory reaction. Personnel applying isocyanate prepolymers should wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves and should use only with adequate ventilation and respiratory protective gear. Avoid contact of material with skin or eyes and avoid breathing vapors. Mix and apply only in well-ventilated areas. Read the appropriate MSDS sheets prior to handling the epoxy primers or the TUFFLEX 4260-SF Membrane. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

Limited Warranty

TUFFLEX POLYMERS (TUFFLEX) warrants this product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials only at the time of shipment from our

factory. If any TUFFLEX materials prove to contain manufacturing defects that substantially affect their performance, TUFFLEX will, at its option, replace the materials or refund its purchase price.

This limited warranty is the only warranty extended by TUFFLEX with respect to its materials. There are no other warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. TUFFLEX specifically disclaims liability for any incidental, consequential, or other damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits or damages to a structure or its contents, arising under any theory of law whatsoever.

The dollar value of TUFFLEX’S liability and buyer’s remedy under this limited warranty shall not exceed the purchase price of the Tufflex material in question.

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Technical Data
ColorLight Gray-----
Weight per Gallon
Part A (Resin)
Part B (Hardener)
9.5 lbs.
8.4 lbs.
Solvent ContentSolvent Free
Coverage, sq. ft. per gal,
@ 60 mils thickness
(4 gal./sq.)
Hardness, Shore A60 ± 5ASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength1350 ± 150 psiASTM D-412
Ultimate Elongation, %650 ± 100%ASTM D-412
Tear Resistance225 ± 25 pliASTM D-1004
Pot Life, @77°F15 – 25 minutes-----
Gel Time, @77°F30 - 45 minutes-----
Low Temperature Brittleness @ -50°FPassesASTM D-746
Flash Point, Mixed MaterialAbove 200°F (93.9°C)ASTM D-3278
Water absorption, 1 week @ 77°FNegligible-----