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Ice Deck Protection

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Ice Deck Protection

IceCap® Pro is the choice of top-facility managers looking to protect their ice and make smooth conversions from hockey to basketball or other activities. IceCap Pro is made from a high-tech, composite material that’s considerably more durable than fiberboard and plywood, yet much lighter. It’s cut into one-inch thick, 4-foot by 8-foot panels that weigh just 55 lbs for easy handling. As a result, IceCap Pro is easier to install and remove for quick, efficient, cost effective conversions. IceCap Pro features a patented reinforced waffle pattern on the bottom. This waffling traps cold air below the decking to help insulate and protect the ice, thus saving energy. IceCap Pro does not absorb moisture or stick to the ice. In fact, the ice should be ready to use when you lift IceCap Pro off the surface — even if it has been covered for several days.

For more information on IceCap Pro or Robbins’ complete line of All-Star® portable basketball floor systems, please contact Robbins
at (800) 543-1913.

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Color Grey
Texture Elephant textured finish on top, Reinforced Open Waffle Pattern on bottom
Material Plastic/Fiberglass Composite, non-porous
Thickness 1 inch
Tile Size 4-feet wide X 8-feet long
Weight 55lbs. per tile (1.72 lbs./sq. ft.)
R-Value Per ASTM C 518 2.44 ft2-°F-hr/Btu
Compression Strength Per ASTM D-1621-73 is 1,600 PSI
Tensile Strength Per ASTM D-638 is 5,000 PSI
Moisture Absorption Per ASTM D-570 is 0.33% of weight or <3 oz. per panel
Shear Strength Per ASTM D-3044 is 1,000+ lbs
Static Bending Test Per ASTM D-1037 Modulus of Rupture is 3,500+ lbs. PSI
Coefficient of Friction 0.35
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
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