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Satin Aluminum Square Planters

Discover the place where aluminum planters meet with lightweight, weatherproof fiberglass. The Satin Aluminum Planter Boxes sit right at that clever intersection between the cutting edge aesthetic of metal and low-maintenance practical construction. The result is a modern planter that performs the way an outdoor garden container should - durably and stylishly.

The secret to the authentic look of Satin Aluminum Planter Boxes is that they're actually coated in real metal – no faux finishes. Modern planters begin with a weather resistant fiberglass shell molded into a sharp, geometric shape. Next, using our sophisticated ArmoreCoat technique, a coat of real aluminum is applied to the outer shell of planters, yielding the look of a real metal container right down to the silvery striations. Finishing is available in light brush, heavy brush or polished. And with a fiberglass core, this outdoor planter needs no added liner or protective insert before potting. Fashionably efficient, it's a bona fide showpiece for chic commercial container gardening.

Look to square planters with a material edge for fresh, contemporary design. The Satin Aluminum Garden Containers are a unique hybrid of fiberglass and aluminum. Through sophisticated design and finishing techniques, this commercial planter takes on a genuine metallic sheen backed by the low-maintenance ease of fiberglass.

Each large planter begins as a fiberglass pot molded into a clean, geometric silhouette. Known for its virtually maintenance-free strength, fiberglass has become a fast favorite for applications that require a heavy duty, effortless garden container. And to add the look of a contemporary metal planter box, a real aluminum finish is bonded to the surface through a process known as ArmoreCoat. The result: a sharp, metallic shell reinforced by the weather resistant ease of fiberglass.

Contemporary planter boxes are simple to use as they require no liner or added protection to use. On a commercial lawn, entryway landing or public courtyard, this large planter pots directly with chosen plant life. And because garden containers take on the lightweight properties of fiberglass, they're easier to move throughout a landscape than solid aluminum planters.

At Planters Unlimited, the large planter and pot designs online represent a baseline of what we can create. Many architects, professional designers, commercial clients and homeowners come to us with custom needs, and we deliver. For instance, contemporary planter boxes with ArmoreCoat metal finishing are offered in Corten Steel, real copper and bronze varieties in addition to aluminum. Let an expert Planters Unlimited project manager help bring all available options to light for your custom design.

Hybrid fiberglass and aluminum planters can hold other pots or be filled with soil and plants directly. The industrial elements of this silvery container are a great display case for a variety of botanicals that only add to a modern aesthetic. See what contemporary container gardening can do for your next exterior design project.

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