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ColorGard® Snow Retention System

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ColorGard® Snow Retention System

Petersen Aluminum is stocking the patented ColorGard snow retention system. ColorGard is the only product available which will precisely match the color of any Petersen Aluminum roof panel. ColorGard achieves this by utilizing a strip of the actual roof material, which is then mounted directly into ColorGard for a perfect match. This strip can be cut in the field or at our factory.

ColorGard utilizes the patented S-5 Clamp for its strength. The S-5 technology involves gripping the seam in such a way that there is no penetration to the panel material. S-5 utilizes round-point set screws for attachment which are specially made for the S-5 ColorGard or SnoFence™ snow retention system. These systems eliminate minimum temperature installation requirements and messy adhesives to apply. ColorGard can be installed at any temperature. For more information regarding ColorGard please contact your local Petersen Aluminum representative.

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  • No panel penetration

  • Color and finish matching

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Attached with S-5! clamps

  • No warranty violations

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