Mitsubishi Electric HVAC-Proposed - AE-200A - Centralized Controllers

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC-Proposed-AE-200A - Centralized Controllers

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Mitsubishi Electric HVAC-Proposed
3400 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd.
Suwanee, GA 30024
Tel: (800) 687-1966
Fax: (800) 658-1458

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AE-200A - Centralized Controllers - AE-200A

AE-200A - Centralized Controllers

Model Number: AE-200A

The AE-200A Central Controller can manage up to 200 indoor units through the addition of three AE-50A Expansion Controllers. It features advanced functionality with expanded monitoring, control, dual set point and trending abilities. The AE-50A Centralized Controller also supports the humidity, occupancy and brightness sensors on the SmartME Remote Controller and displays the status of AdvancedHVAC Controller inputs and outputs on a 10.4" touch screen display or web browser interface.

Monitoring, scheduling, and control of up to 50 indoor units individually through a web browser interface, in a group, or in a collective batch operation
Network three AE-50A controllers to one AE-200A controller to manage up to 200 indoor units
Support dual set point functionality (depending on connected model)
Interlock setting enables integration of general equipment inputs/outputs and indoor units
Extended set point temperature range
Occupied/unoccupied monitoring (requires SmartME)
Energy save operation (requires SmartME)
Space humidity monitoring(requires SmartME)
Indoor unit auxiliary contacts monitoring
Outdoor unit status monitoring

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC
3400 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd.
Suwanee,  GA USA 30024 
Tel: (800) 687-1966
Fax: (800) 658-1458

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